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Who were the main ministers?

Philip Snowden- Chancellor, Henderson - foreign secretary, John Caynes - home secretary


Why were there problems with the government?

It was a minority govt - relied on 57 liberals in commons, lords still controlled by tories


What did Arthur Greenwood do?

Restores subsidies for housing, in 1930 slum clearance schemes, would build 700k new houses


How did world trade change?

$68,640m to $26,600m


What did the Gregory and May committees suggest?

Cut unemployment insurance by 10%, needed to cut expenditure to balance budget


What was the Campbell crisis?

A left wing newspaper editor urged troops not to shoot at protestors, was illegal at time, called communist propaganda


How had unemployment changed from 1929 to 1931?

1.2 million, 1.9 million to 2.7 million


In 1930, what were exports like in comparison to the 1927 figures?



What, with pardonable cynicism, was Macdonald's cabinet nicknamed?

The government of the unburied dead


What did the Lords reject?

Rising school leaving age to 15, electoral reform feb 1931 - end plural voting, land utilisation bill - buy unused farm land


What was introduced in 1930?

Road traffic act - 5,000 deaths in 1926 alone, this put into effect findings of royal commission on transport - minister of transport was Herbert Morrison, unemployment insurance act


How had unemployment benefit changed from 1928 to 1931?

£12 million to £125 million


What was suggested to tackle the deficit any why was it rejected?

Thomas proposed a public works scheme- govt spend £40 million, Snowden said it was too much money, Mosley said the scheme was inefficient, Mosley Memorandum meant govt was still in deficit


What gave the govt some money in 1929?

Development loan and 1929 colonial acts gave govt £42 million, for public works at home and throughout empire


What did Snowden do in 1931?

Increased public work scheme from £70 million to £140 million, income tax increased to 22.5%


What did the may commission say and what did Keynes have to suggest?

By April 1932 there'd be a deficit of £120 million, cut teacher salaries 20%, police and armed forces 12.5% and 10%, unemployment benefit 20%. Keynes called the report the "most foolish document I have ever had the misfortune to read", believed a deficit of £120 million would cure unemployment, needed to come off gold standard


How much of gold reserves had investors pulled out in July 1931, and what triggered them to do it?

1/4 - £33 million in last 2 weeks of July, collapse of European banks e.g. Austrian


What caused disagreement in the government in August 1931?

Snowden said at least 10% cuts in unemployment benefit, Keynes, Henderson and Bevin disagreed


Why did MacDonald resign the govt?

Cabinet voted 11-9 in favour of cuts proposed by Snowden, it was too divided