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What are 3 key historical facts about the late 16th and 17th century?

- It was a religious society.
- It was a time of unrest and uncertainty due to civil war and the restoration of the monarchy.
- Elizabeth I was the Virgin Queen.


What are 4 ideas about romantic relationships during the late 16th and early 27th century?

- Marriage as a business arrangement.
- Love was something subject rules and societal values.
- Chastity, virtue and obedience were valued in women.
- Love was not the choice of the individual.


What were key poetry movements/styles/influences during the 16th and 17th century?

- Elizabeth's court were sympathetic towards poetry resulting in a courtly focus.
- Increase in satirical writing about love.
- Poetry was influenced by Petrarch.
- Carpe Diem poetry.
- Influence of Courtly love.


Who was Petrarch?

- Italian Renaissance Poet.


What was the focus of Carpe Diem poetry?

- Focused on pleasures of the moment.


What was courtly love?

- Emphasis on nobility and chivalry.
- Male on a quest to win the woman.
- The love is often unrequited causing lovesickness which involve physical suffering.


What were conventional sonnets about?

- Unrequited love.
- An aloof distant woman.
- Often hyperbolic comparisons are used.


What were 4 ideas about familial relationships in the late 16th and early 17th century?

- Religious instruction used to discipline children.
- Infant mortality was high.
- Children were necessary for the transmission of property. (If women were barren they were seen as failures.)
- Noble women were distant from their children due to the Wet Nurse.