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To ensure that law enforcement officers responding to calls are aware of the _____ and terms of protective orders issued under this subtitle, each law enforcement agency _____ establish procedures in the agency to provide adequate information or access to information for law enforcement officers of the names of each person protected by an order issued under this subtitle and of each person against whom protective orders are directed.

existence; shall


On receipt of an _____ or modified protective order from the clerk of the issuing court, a law enforcement agency _____ immediately, but not later than the _____ day after the date the order is received, enter the information into the statewide law enforcement information system maintained by the Department of Public Safety.

original; shall; 10th


On receipt of a _____ for a law enforcement information system record check of a prospective _____ by a licensed firearms dealer the chief law enforcement officer shall determine whether the Department of Public Safety has in the department's law enforcement information system a record indicating the existence of an _____ protective order directed to the prospective transferee.

request; transferee; active