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Effective January 1, ___________, the BOP made significant changes to the regulations relating to SPE.  These rules can be found in the California Code of Regulations (CCR; Section 138).



SPE is defined as:

"An organized program that consists of a planned, _____________, and administered sequence of _____________________ comprehensive training experiences."

  • Structured
  • Professionally supervised

Bonus: SPE must involve a sequence of training that ultimately prepares supervisees for independent practice in psychology.


Applicants must complete 2 years (3000) hours of SPE (at least 1500 post-doctorally).  Each year must be completed within a ____ month period; if both years are completed post-doctorally, they must be completed within a ____ month period.

  • 30
  • 60


Regulations _____________ limit the number of hours that may be accrued under a single supervisor.

Do not.


There are 5 ways in which SPE may be obtained:

  • Formal internship
  • Employee in an exempt setting
  • Psychological assistant
  • Formal post-doctoral training program
  • Registered psychologist


Formal Internship: These are by definition ____________________; they include internships that are APA accredited, internships that are part of the _______________________________ (APPIC), or internships that meet the requirements of the ___________________________ (CAPIC).

  • Pre-doctoral
  • Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers
  • California Psychology Internship Council


Employee in an Exempt Setting: Both pre- and post-doctoral SPE may be accrued while working as an employee in an exempt setting; these include ___________________ and many _____________________.

  • Government facilities
  • Educational institutions


Psychological Assistant: Both predoctoral and postdoctoral SPE may be accumulated while employed as a PA to a licensed psychologist, _________________________, psychological __________________, or psychology __________________.

  • Board-certified psychiatrist
  • Corporation
  • Clinic


Formal Postdoctoral Training Program: This may be accrued in programs that ___________ accredited by the same agencies as those listed for pre-doctoral internships.



Registered Psychologist: Only _______________________ SPE may be accrued as a registered psychologist.  They are authorized to provide psychological services at nonprofit community agencies that receive a minimum of ___% of their funding from government sources.

  • Post-doctoral
  • 25%


Supervisor's Experience and Training: Primary supervisors licensed by the BOP must complete a minimum of ___ hours of supervision coursework every ___ years.

  • 6 hours
  • 2 years


Supervisor-Supervisee Agreement: Prior to the start of the SPE, the primary supervisor and supervisee must together prepare and sign an agreement that identifies:

  • The primary supervisor
  • The ______________
  • The capacity in which the supervisee will be performing
  • The ______________ and anticipated completion date
  • The duties to be performed by the supervisee
  • The ______________ at which the duties will be performed
  • The goals/objectives of the plan for SPE

  • Supervisee
  • Start date
  • Address/location

Bonus: The primary supervisor must maintain the agreement until the SPE hours are completed, and must then submit both the agreement and a verification of experience signed by the primary supervisor.


Supervision Requirements: Supervisees must be provided with supervision for a minimum of ___% of total time worked each week; at least ___ hour(s) must include face-to-face, direct, individual supervision with the primary supervisor.  A maximum of ___ hours per week, including supervision time, may be counted toward SPE. 

  • 10%
  • 1 hour
  • 44 hours


SPE Log: This log must include information about the:

  • Work setting
  • ____________________
  • Dates for which the log is being completed
  • Number of _________________
  • Hours of supervision received
  • Nature of __________________
  • Signature of Supervisor/Supervisee
  • ________________ by the Primary Supervisor indicating the information is accurate

  • Services performed
  • Hours worked
  • Supervision (individual, group)
  • Statement


Supervisor's Professional License: Primary supervisors must generally be licensed psychologists.  The only exception is that a ____________________ may be registered to a board certified psychiatrist, and may accumulate up to ____ hours of SPE under this arrangement.

  • Psychological assistant
  • 750 hours


Supervisor's Employment and Availability: The supervisor must be employed at the same work setting, and be available to the supervisee ___% of the time that SPE is being accrued (this may be by cell phone, pager, etc.).



Payment for Supervision: Superviors ______ be paid for providing a supervisee with supervision.

May not.


Crisis/Emergency Plan: Primary supervisors must ensure that a plan is in place to ___________________ should a crisis or emergency occur while the supervisor is not physically present.

Protect the patient.


Other Professional License: Supervisees ___________ work under another professional license while accruing SPE toward the psychology license.

May not.


Welfare of Patients: _____________________ are responsible for the welfare of the supervisee's patients.

Primary supervisors.


Compliance with Laws and Ethical Guidelines: Primary supervisors must ensure that the supervisee always complies with ____________________ as well as the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (APA); this applies to _______________ as well.

  • Psychology licensing laws
  • Record keeping


Delegated Supervisors: Primary supervisors must monitor the supervision of delegated supervisors.  Delegated supervisors may include: 

  • Other qualified licensed psychologists
  • Licensed __________
  • Licensed educational psychologists
  • Licensed ____________________
  • Board certified psychiatrists

  • MFTs
  • Social workers

Bonus: There are special requirements for delegated supervisors of Psychological Assistants.


Patient Notification of Supervisee's Status: __________________ are responsible for informing each patient, prior to the rendering of services by the supervisee, that the supervisee is unlicensed and functioning under the direction and supervision of the supervisor, that the primary supervisor shall have full access to the treatment record, and that any fees paid for the services of the supervisee must be paid directly to the primary supervisor or employer.  This statement may be given in person by the ____________________ or via written statement signed by the ______________________.

Primary supervisors (all 3 blanks).


Supervisor-Supervisee Relationship: Supervisors may not ____________ to supervisees, engage in sexual contact with supervisees, or supervise someone who has been _________________ of the supervisor.  Supervisees may not have any ______________________ in the supervisor's business.

  • Be related
  • A therapy patient
  • Proprietary interest


Primary supervisors must provide each supervisee with the pamphlet "__________________________________."

"Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex."