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What is the main advantage to Porcelain crowns?



What is a PFM restoration?

Porcelain Fused to Metal restoration = Metal ceramic restoration w/ metal substructure to which a ceramic veneer is fused.


What is the longest lasting crown type?

Cast metal crown. But poor esthetics.


What is a slang term for Fixed Partial Denture (FPD) that should not be used?



What is a pontic?

A pontic is the part of a FPD that replaces the missing tooth.


What is a retainer in fixed prosth?

Retainers are the natural teeth or implants that support the pontic.


What is a cantilever fixed dental prosthesis?

Pontic is retained and supported only on one end by one or more abutments.


What is a possible problem w/ cantilevered restorations?

B/c they are only supported on one side they have a tendency to drift & may cause osseous damage around the retainers.


While fabricating a prosthesis, when should you check the shade?

Check the shade 1st thing, before cutting the prep and after the final prosthesis has been made, but before the final cementation.


What is an abutment in fixed prosth?

A tooth, portion of a tooth, or that portion of a dental implant that serves to support and/or retain a prosthesis. Part of the tooth remaining following a prep


What is a cast post and core?

A one-piece foundation restoration for an endodontically treated tooth that comprises a post within the root canal and core replacing missing coronal structure to form the tooth preparation


Besides maintenance of esthetics, what other purposes does the provisional restoration serve?

1. stabilizes teeth & function
2. Assists in determination of the therapeutic effectiveness of a specific tx plan