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Why are categories introduced?

In order to maximise group effectiveness and satisfaction by bringing together the 3 types of leadership behaviour. Challadurai proposed 5 categories of leadership


What is training and instruction behaviour?

Improving the performance of athletes through hard training and strenuous conditioning. Instruction will be given through tactics and techniques


What is democratic behaviour?

The leader allows group members to become involved in decision making with regard to strategies, practice methods and group goals


What is autocratic behaviour?

Task centred and the decisions are made by the leader without group consultation


What is social support behaviour?

Concern is displayed by the leader of the welfare of individual group members. This behaviour is characterised by warm relations with individual members


What is rewarding behaviour?

Positive feedback rewards good individual and group performance. This behaviour reinforces the value of cohesion


Supported by research of smoll and Smith (1984)

Challadurai concluded satisfaction of young people was promoted by leaders and coaches who demonstrated behaviours reflecting reward, personal development and training and instruction. Increase in BAHL