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dwelling, dweller (n)
SYN house
(V) dwel

(City dwellers)
* cavelike dwellings have been discovered throughout the world.
* city dwellers often have trouble adjusting to life in the country.


element (n)
SYN component
(Adj) elemental

* city dwellers are out of their element in the country.
* hard work and perseverance are the basic elements of success.


eliminate (v)
SYN delete
(n) elimination
(adj) eliminated

(eliminate hazard,risk,need)
* mistakes must be eliminated before you hand in a term paper.
* the elimination of the runner from the race was decided by the judge.


emerge (v)
SYN appear
(n) emergence

(Sun emerged from behind a cloud.
flowers emerge in spring. )
* it took an hour for the newborn chick to merge from its egg.
* the sun emerged from the thick rain clouds, giving hope that the game would be played.


encircle (v)
SYN surround
(adj) encircled

* the players encircled their coach after winning the big game.
* the encircled celebrity actually became afraid of her fans.


exaggerate (v)
SYN overestimate, overstate, hyperbole
(adj) exaggerated
(n) exaggeration

* the federal government exaggerated the successful of its programs.
* to say that his business is successful would be a slight exaggeration.


justify (v)
SYN defend
(n) justification
(adv) justifiable

* the young boy could not justify his rude behavior.
* there was no justification for the criminal's attack.


prevalent (adj)
SYN commonplace
(n) prevalence

* comfortable trade winds are in the Caribbean island.
* there is a prevalence of disease where poor sanitation conditions exist.


release (v) (n)
SYN free

* a new movie was just released.
* the release of the Supreme Court's decision was expected today.


amenity (n)
SYN convince

(Basic amenities, local amenities)
* she missed all the amenities of home when she went camping.
* one expects many amenities at a five star hotel.