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Why do you you think Sandy Welch might be a good puppy raiser? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

She would be good because she has a dog of her own and she knows how to deal with them.


What does the word retrieve mean?

To get back, to get.


Why do you think retrieving things is an important skill for service dogs to learn? Explain, using text evidence. List the page where it is found.

It is an important skill because that way of the owner drops something important like there key he can pick them up. Page 503.


What does access mean in wheelchair access symbol?

It means if you press a button the door will open.


Why might the symbol be better than words?

Because the blind cannot read.


What does distracting mean?

Distracting means to be focused on one thing but then look at another thing and be focused on that thing.


Why must service dogs lean not to be distracted?

Because maybe the blind is walking and without a very hard grip on the leash and the dog sees a butterfly and he goes after it, and the owner will die.


Why do you think a class room is a good place for Ira to learn skills? Give examples from the text.

Because she might be board and the owner will not know that the dog is gone and she wonders off, but in the class room she might get board but Katherine might see and tell her to sit down, and it is hard on the children to because they want to pet her.


Do you think it's a good idea for children to learn about service dogs? Support your answer with text evidence.

Yes, because maybe they will need a service dog in the future.


Service dogs help people who have difficulty moving around or hearing, while guide dogs help people who are bling. In addition to assisting with crossing the street, what are some other skills a guide dog might need to learn that a service dog would not?

A skill is to pick up things.


What is intelligent disobedience?

It is when dogs disobey there caretaker because if the blind person says to go on the red light the dog will disobey.


Why does a guide dog need to learn intelligent disobedience?

It is important to learn that because they will save them and there owner.


Why do you think Don is willing to take a long trip to attend Sandy's students' graduation? Support your answer with text evidence.

He went because without them Ira might not be with him.


What happened when Ira was about eight weeks old?

They get introduced to there raisers.


What was the first task Ira learned to perform?

To fetch keys.


What does the word companion mean?

A buddy.


When was Ira's name changed to Irah?

When she graduates and goes to a owner.


What does the phrase Walk the Heel mean?

It means to walk next to them.