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acquire (v)
SYN obtain
(adj) acquisitive
(n) acquisition

* he acquired two beautiful paintings during his visit to Taipei.
* the office's most recent acquisition was a new photocopier.


assimilate (v)
SYN incorporate
(n) assimilation.

* the United States has assimilated people from all parts of the world.
* assimilation of a new cultural environment can be difficult.


assortment (n)
SYN selection, classification
(adj) assorted

* you have an assortment of elective courses from which to choose.
* you bought a box of assorted books at the book fair.


caliber (n)
SYN quality

(the high caliber of her work)
* the high caliber of her work earned her a rise in pay.
* only parts of the highest caliber can be used to make repairs on the spacecraft.


condensed (adj)
SYN summarize
(v) condense

* this is a condensed version of the original research report.
* try to condense the two chapters into one.


contradictory (adj)
SYN inconsistent
(v) contradict
(n) contradiction

(it is contradictory to say that)
* it is contradictory to say that you know French after studying it for only three months.
* the expert contradicted himself during his presentation.


disregard (v)
SYN ignore
(n) disregard

* they disregarded the no parking signs and were ticketed by the police.
* his disregard of the lab instructions caused him to make many errors.


precious (adj)
SYN cherished

* this golden ring is my most precious possession.
* the precious stone was one of a kind.


prominent (adj)
SYN renowned
(adv) prominently
(n) prominence

* their talent for locating oil deposits made them prominent geologists in the corporation.
* he gained prominence through his television appearances.


requisite (adj)
SYN demanded
(n) requisition, requirement

* here is the list of requisite courses for the master's degrees in biology.
* the project team made a requisition for a new set of references books.


unravel (v)
SYN separate
(n) unraveling

* the detective was not able to unravel the mystery of the missing money.
* the unraveling of the Soviet Union took place in the span of a few months.


vague (adj)
SYN unclear
(n) vagueness
(adv) vaguely

* she has only vague memories of her childhood.
* the vagueness of his directions caused us to get lost.


volume (n)
SYN quantity
(adv) voluminously
(adj) voluminous

(volume of traffic, information)
* the volume of information that a flash drive can hold is astounding.
* this voluminous report will erase your doubt the financial condition of the company.


acknowledge (v)
SYN recognize
(adj) acknowledged
(n) acknowledgement

(acknowledge the fact that)
* the foreman acknowledged the fact that there had been a mistake in the design of the house.
* the promotion he received was an acknowledgment of his excellent work.