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What does Jinayah mean literally

Jinayah literally means: to commit a crime or an offence.


What does Jinayah mean according to shariah

According to Shari'ah jinaayat means to commit a crime by
inficting injury on a person resulting in loss of life or severing or
damaging a limb.


List the 5 types of qatl

1. Qatl e amad
-Premeditated murder (with an
instrument manufactures for killing)

2.Qatl Shibhe amad
-Unintentional murder (with an
instrument not manufactured for killing)

3.Qatl khata
-Accidental murder

4.Qatl jari majra khata -Unintentional accidental murder

5.Qatl bis sabab
-Indirect killing


What does Qatl e amad mean

Qatl e amad means to assault someone with a weapon generally
used for killing with the express intention of killing, e.g. using a
knife,sword,gun,or some sharp pointed instrument, e.g.a
sharp pointed iron, steel rod, or fire stone etc.


What is the punishment for intentional a killing

Qisaas with no kafarah


Does the family members murdered person have the right of forgiving the murderer and not implementing qisaas

Yes they do


What is qisaas

Qisaas means to retaliate in a like manner. Therefore the life of the
the murderer will be taken in the same manner.


What are the rules of qisaas

1. Qisaas is waajib (compulsory) in the case of qatl amad on
behalf of every secured and safe person.

2. If a free Muslim killed a free Muslim then qisaas will be enforced

3.If a slave was killed by a free Muslim the free
Muslim will be killed.

4. If a free Muslim was killed by a slave then the slave will be killed

5. A slave will be killed for killed another slave

6. A Muslim will be killed for killing a zimmi

7. A male will be killed for killing a female and vice versa


What is a zimmi

A kaafir who lives in an Islamic state


List the ppl who qisaas will not take place

1. A Muslim who kills a mustamin

2. A person who kills his son

3. A person who kills his slaves

4. A person who acquires the right of qisaas a giant his father


How will qisaas be administered

By the use of a sword on the murderer


Name three rules of qisaas

1. If a family member forgives the murderer than qisaas falls away and diyyat will be due to all the heirs

2. If a person is killed by a larger group of ppl or if from the larger group one hit of hurt him. Qisaas will be enforced on the whole group. With diyyat, all those who contributed in killing will pay blood money

3. If one person killed a group of ppl than qisaas of that one person will be made on behalf of the group


List yeh rules on qisaas for injury info or harming a part of the body

1.If a person intentionally cuts off one’s hand then the same will be done as qisaas

2. If a person cuts of the nose , foot or ear of someone than the same will be done as qisaas

3. If the eye of someone is gorged out then they will be NO QISAAS

4. If some is hit in the eye causing loss of sight then the same will be done as qisaas by placing a hot mirror on the perpetrators eye until he is blinded

5. If a person broke the tooth of another then the same will be done as qisaas

6. There will be NO QISAAS in the braking of bones except the tooth

7.Qisaas will be valid in every part where it is possible