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is it Fardh , sunnah or mustahab to perform salad with jamah

its is sunnah muakkadah


what is the masjeed in a life of a muslim

its is the focal point


what is the literal meaning of the word masjeed

sajdah (prostration )


acc to shariah what does masjeed mean

they apiece of ground on which a masjeed is built and made waqf by the owner by saying

''I have made this place a masjeed''


list the types of masjeeds

masjidul jaami

masjidul mahalla

masjidul shaari

masjidul bait


explain the types of masaajids

masjidul jaami -- big masjeed with large congregation

masjidul mahalla ---built close to houses
has an appointed imam and muazzinans times of salah are fixed. generally not very large

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- masjidul shaari--- situated on road side between two distant towns
no appointed imam and muazzinans times of salah are not fixed. used by travellers ams itikaaf not made in them

masjidul bait ---portion of room in house set aside for salah and ibaadat

women of house should make itikaaf in tis masjeed

in reality not a masjeed