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boast [boʊst]

Guangdong province boasts over 1 m cameras.
[VERB] [disapproval] If someone boasts about something that they have done or that they own, they talk about it very proudly, in a way that other people may find irritating or offensive.


*surveillance [sərveɪləns] 2

constitute [kɒnstɪtu:t] 1

Video surveillance constitutes over half the country's huge security industry, and is expected to reach 500 billion yuan in 2015.
[NOUN] Surveillance is the careful watching of someone, especially by an organization such as the police or the army. cf)CCTV(Closed circuit TV)=surveillance camera
[VERB] [no cont] If something constitutes a particular thing, it can be regarded as being that thing.


중국은 3백 만대의 카메라로 비디오 감시의 메카인 영국을 따라 잡을 것입니다.

China will soon overtake Britain, with around 3m cameras, as the capital of video surveillance.
*as the capital of video surveillance에서의 as용법
cf)He resigned as the CEO of LG Electronics.
그는 LG 전자 CEO직을 사임하였다.


*그러나 중국뿐만이 아니다.

Yet China is far from alone.


Alabama에 있는 구치소는 떠나가는 수감자들을 수감자 기록과 대비해서 확인하기 위해 안면 인식 기술을 사용합니다.

A jail in Alabama uses it to check those leaving against prisoner records.
*against ~에 대비해서(배경)



*linger(한영번역 암기단어) [lɪŋgər]1

*advert [ædvɜ:rt]1

As for businesses, Quividi, a French marketer, can measure the age and gender of passers-by who linger at an advert.
[NOUN] A passer-by is a person who is walking past someone or something.
[VERB] If you linger somewhere, you stay there for a longer time than is necessary, for example because you are enjoying yourself.
[NOUN] [oft N for n] [BRIT] An advert is an announcement in a newspaper, on television, or on a poster about something such as a product, event, or job.
in AM, use ad


우리나라 국토의 절반 정도의 크기에 "우리가 비교하기 좋아하는 " "1인당 국민소득"은 세계 80위 정도밖에 되지 않는 작은 국가.

Its area is about half ours with a per capita income-the one and only yardstick we Koreans hold dear when comparing nations-lingering somewhere around a miserable 80th around the world.


2010년, 미국의 NIST 의 평가에 따르면, 최고의 프로그램은 증명사진을 92% 의 확률로 160 만개의 사진 중 하나와 일치 시켰습니다.

In 2010, in an assessment by America's NIST, the best program matched 92% of mugshots to one out of 1.6m pictures.
*match to


mug shot

In 2010, in an assessment by America's NIST, the best program matched 92% of mugshots to one out of 1.6m pictures.
[NOUN] [INFORMAL] A mug shot is a photograph of someone, especially a photograph of a criminal which has been taken by the police.


설치된 카메라가 많고 안면인식이 발전함에 따라 까다로운 법적 정치적 문제들이 생기게 됩니다.

More cameras and better face recognition raise tricky legal and political questions.


precedent [presɪdənt] 1

America places little restriction on the use of face recognition, as legal precedent denies the "reasonable expectation of privacy" in public.
*legal precedent: 판례
[NOUN] [FORMAL] If there is a precedent for an action or event, it has happened before, and this can be regarded as an argument for doing it again.


fall foul of somebody/something

Facebook's face recognition has already fallen foul of though German privacy laws.
*do something which gets you into trouble with somebody/something


*go on record

Freedom of speech is reduced when mere physical attendance at protests goes on record.
*기록으로 남다(여기 문맥은)
*say something publicly, for example in a newspaper, so that what you say is written down


nip something in the bud

Its strategy for stability, Mr Bequelin points out, is "to nip protests in the bud".
*stop something in its early stages because you think it is dangerous to let it develop