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What is the Independent Online?

- online newspaper
- run by Independent Newspapers
- mission: represent the group as a whole online (using a mix of elements from newspaper titles along with fast breaking news)


Where does the Independent Online come from?

- news on IOL comes from newspapers run by Independent Group in South Africa as well as news wires (international news agencies)


List some newspapers that are published by Independent News.

- Business Report
- Daily News
- Mercury
- Independent On Saturday


What is

- Africa's premier online news resource
- Available via the web, DSTV, and mobile phone online.
- Related content sites: Fin24, Wheels24, Property24


What is Africa News Agency?

- Multi-media news service
- News coverage is built on key pillars including:

Business and Markets
General News


Examine the influence of newspapers,magazines and broadcasters.

New York Times
The London Times
The Wall Street Journal
The London Financial Times

News Week
The Economist

Sky News


Explain the concerns of developing countries over major Western News Agencies' control over the world's News flow.

1. People in developing countries (D.C.'s) are forced to see each other and themselves through the medium of these agencies because they supply the news
E.g. CNN anti-Trump, Sky pro-Trump

2. Western info dominance confines judgements and decisions on: what info and how the info should be made known into the hands of a few. Results in inaccurate, stereotypical views of D.C.s.
E.g. AFP and AP supply most of the world's news

3. The flow of news is heavily imbalanced (flows from west to D.C.'s

4. The west exercises soft power through the appeal of cultural elements (books, movies) in D.C.s to the detriment of local and cultural traditions
E.g. Take US programmes off DSTV and what is left?


Discuss challenges involved in developing a credible, international news agency.

- distribution of news via internet is cheaper than traditional telecommunications system
- starting out news agencies must meet other costs and challenges before it acquires credibility as a global news service.
- must have adequate number of professionally educated and trained reporters worldwide
- financing required to hire staff and maintain worldwide bureaus is beyond the reach of most D.C.s
- quality of info is important


Critically discuss the role of internet on news flow in non-democratic states

- people in non-democracies are beginning to have access to: uncensored news, analysis and discussions about political developments in their own countries
- when Internet arrived, many countries conceded that the benefits of tech outweigh the costs
- other countries have taken action to keep politically objectionable material out of reach of internet subscribers
- it's becoming more impossible to keep internet users in non-democracies from gaining access to news and political discussions


What is public diplomacy?

- deals with influence of public attitudes on the formation and execution of foreign policies
- cross border efforts to influence public opinion


What is propaganda?

- A form of communication aimed at changing, influencing or maintaining people's attitudes, opinions and behaviour in a way that is initially aligned with what the sender intended


What is media imperialism?

- a theory that suggests that dominant media coverage from developed countries can cause developing countries to lose their identities due to developed country's dominant media


Describe history of international broadcasting.

1920: Colonial powers started to comm with their nationals / citizens overseas.

PRE-WW2: Mainly commercial radio in US and Latin America

WW2: Voice Of America dominated international radio broadcasting

COLD WAR RADIO: International Broadcasters put their signals out as streaming audio feeds on the internet.



Analyse different countries' views of government satellite TV.

- DTH debate about appropriateness/accessibility of video news programmes
- China and Saudi Arabia have forcefully protected contents of BBC news
- US complained about news coverage of another quasi-state service
- US and U.K. critics questioned appropriateness and feasibility of "official" tv services
- British government refused to provide start up funds for BBC world


What is news?

News is what is happening (past, present and future)

We use news values to decide what to cover

Hard news is a fair, balanced, accurate and brief account of issues and events


Explain why people listen to and view international news and information

- mass media and internet
--- have widened and sped up the process of contact and influence
---created possibility for direct efforts to influence thoughts and opinions within and across regions

Public Diplomacy
Cross border efforts to influence public opinion

Boyd's categories of listening motivation.


What are Boyd's categories of listening motivation?

News and information
To learn
To hear religious and political broadcasts
Enhance their status
To protest
To pursue a hobby