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List each savory component on the charcuterie platter and briefly describe each one.

•chicken liver moussse-made of chicken liver, pork fat back. Soft and spreadable
•country patay- pork fat back and butt, chicken liver and slab bacon.
•head cheese
•rosette de lyone- slices and like salami


List each cheese served on the charcuterie platter and briefly describe each one.

•Cana de cabra- like goat cheese
•Roquefort- like blue cheese


List the six accompaniments that come with the smoked salmon platter

Onions, hard boiled egg whites, and yolks, capers, crème fraîche,brioche toast


Name the 3 cheeses in the baked goat cheese

Chèvre, Boursin and cream cheese


What kind of snails are in the escargot dish? Why is this important?

Helix land snails. Important because if someone has a Shellfish allergy they can still eat this because it is a land snail


List all of the items in the seafood platter

Lobster, shrimp,oysters du jour and salmon tartar with avocado, baguette croutons, cocktail sauce, shallot black pepper mignonette and gribiche


Describe the sea scallop gratinee as you would to a guest

Three large sea scallops sliced in half served on top of a mixture of fennel, onion and leek cream sauce topped with Parmesan cheese and baked


What are the two sauces that are served with the oysters

Cocktail sauce and shallot-black pepper mignonette


What are the chips that are served with the salmon tartare called?



What are the two cheeses on the French onion soup

Jarlsberg and Gruyere


List the 10 ingredients in the petite salad maison

Mixed Romain and baby kale are tossed with cucumber, celery, halved red and yellow tomatoes, snap peas, micro basil, and a lemon Dijon vinaigrette


List all ingredients in the BLT salad

Butter lettuce lemon vinaigrette blue cheese dressing jalapeño bacon, halved roasted cherry tomatoes, Roquefort cheese, crispy fried Shallot and chive


Choose any three sandwiches and describe them, in detail, as you would to a guest

1. Croque monsieur-two slices of brioche toast topped with mornay sauce Thinly sliced ham and gruyere and jarlsberg cheese and baked. Then we stack the 2 slices on top of each other and top it with Mornay sauce and served with frites and cornichons

2. Prime steak sandwich- A toasted baguette with peppercorn mayonnaise caramelized onions and Finley sliced top butt steak served with a side of onion Ju and frites

3. Warm chicken and brie sandwich-roasted chicken breast topped with brie cheese, sliced honey crisp apples, caramelized onions and chive a Oli on ciabatta bread served with frites


Choose one savory crêpe and describe it as you would to a guest

Seafood crêpe – a whole wheat crêpe filled with mornay sauce in seasons peas. Topped with sliced shrimp and seared scallops toast with peas in a white wine cream sauce. Garnished with young salad greens and chives


Match the steak sauce to the appropriate description

•Au poivre- brandy peppercorn sauce
•bordelaise-caramelized onion and red wine sauce
• roquefort – blue cheese butter
•Dijon- dijon butter
•maitre d'hotel butter- garlic herb butter


Match the lunch plates du jour to each day

•Monday- ahi Tuna Niçoise salad
•Tuesday-fried green tomatoes
•Wednesday-chicken blanquette en croute
•Thursday-avocado toast
•Friday- Gabi's fish and frites
•Saturday-Crab cake Benedict
•Sunday-beef bourguignin eggs Benedict


Match the plats du jour to the appropriate day

•Monday-grilled pork porterhouse
•Tuesday- half duck a l'orange
•Wednesday- seafood bouillabaise
•Thursday- lamb t bones
•Friday- Dover sole menuiere
•Saturday-tournedos of beef
•Sunday- beef Wellington


What is our birthday dessert? Describe you as you would to a guest

Profiterole- 1 puff pastry cut in half with vanilla ice cream and topped with hot fudge sauce and powdered sugar


List all 6 of our desserts and describe your favorite

• profiterole
• chocolate mousse- a creamy chocolate moose topped with whipped cream and rice balls
• Galla apple tart Tatin
• vanilla bean crème brûlée
• salted caramel tart
• warm berry bread pudding