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What does Macbeth obsess about in the beginning of act three

Banquets whereabouts and killing banquet and his son


Where will banquo be before the banquet ?

Riding horses with fleance


What's macbeths reason for why the murders should kill banquo

Because he is the cause to all their problems


What has Macbeth become in act 3?

He is the manipulator .. Less human more monster , killing Duncan out of ambition and banquo out of paranoia


How is lady Macbeth feeling in act three scene two?

Uneasy, not happy about being queen, thinks that killing Duncan was for nothing and that he is happier in his grave


How has the relationship between lady Macbeth and Macbeth changed ?

They have switched roles


Who joins the two murders ?
And what does this show about Macbeth?

Another murder ( in movie it was Ross) .. Shows macbeths paranoia and how he doesn't trust people he hired to do the job


What happens when banquo and fleance show up

Kill banquo, fleance escapes


What news upsets Macbeth before the banquet?

That fleance has escaped


What happens when Macbeth goes to sit down in his seat? What does he say? What does it reveal about him?

He says the ghost of banquo... He says that " he didn't kill him" .... This reveals that Macbeth fears the supernatural.


Who is Macbeth uneasy about?



How does lady m cover for her husband?

She says that he is ill and is having a fit


What happens when Macbeth proposes a toast to the missing banquo?

Another ghost appears upsetting Macbeth


Why is Macbeth upset with Macduff? What does he reveal ? Who is he going to see?

Because he didn't attend the banquet, he has spies in every castle in Scotland, he is going to see the witches again.


Who is hectare and what is she like?

She is the queen of the witches ... She isn't very nice.. She's upset with the witches for not including her in their lot against Macbeth


What is act three scene six like.

An update Scotland scene


What are people now starting to believe?

That Macbeth killed Duncan and would have killed malcom and donalbain if they hadn't left


Where is Macduff going and why?

England to join malcom and king Edward to form an army against Macbeth


What happens when Macbeth returns to speak to the witches ?

They show him apparitions that can read his thoughts


What are the three apparitions and what do they say ?

Armed head, beware Macduff.... Bloody baby, no man born of woman shall ever harm Macbeth.... Crowned child holding a tree, he will not be defeated until the great forest of birnam wood comes to dusinane.


Who informs Macbeth about Macduff whereabouts and what does Macbeth decide to do?

Lennox, and Macbeth decides to send people to kill everyone in Macduff castle


Who is lady Macduff seen talking to in act 4 scene 2?

Her cousin Ross about Macduff leaving .. She calls Macduff a traitor and a coward


Who shows up to Macduffs castle and what happens when he leaves

A messenger shows up and after he leaves murders kill the son and lady m off scene after she runs away screaming murder


What is said between malcom and Macduff when he arrives.

Malcom says he will be a terrible king and Macduff denies that.. Malcom admits it was just a test and known snow that Macduff is loyal to Scotland


How many men are in the army



Who shows up to England .. What is he asked and what is said

Ross shows up and when asked about Macduffs family he's says they are fine then admits they aren't.


What does Macduff do with his sorrow

Turns it into anger and revenge Macbeth.. Macduff swears to kill Macbeth


What does lady m deal with in scene 1 of act five ... What is going to be done about it

Day m deals with sleep walking as she relives past murders .. Doctor admits he can't cure her but will say nothing about it


How do the opponents see macbeths panic and anxiousness towards the upcoming battle as supposed to his supporters?

They see it as weakness . Others see it as valiant fury.


Who discuss battle plans? What is the plan?

Malcom and Seward ... They will use branches from Birnam wood and use it as camouflage to hide their numbers. Apparition three coming true