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Keeps track of changes not yet committed to the file system main part by recording the intentions.

-Each change is made by a background process
-Pending changes will be performed if the system is shutdown prematurely
-Incomplete journal entries are discarded


fsck "File system Check"

Utility primarily to check and repair files system integrity. Usually unmounted.

-/etc/fstab = Config File


du "Disk Usage"

Shows storage stats for files and directories

du [-option] [file/directory]
-a = writes all information
-inodes = displays the # of inodes
-h = human readable format
-s = display only a total for each argument
-c = produce a grand total


df "Disk free"

Displays filesystem information

df [-option] [file]
-a = all
-l = limit listing to local file systems
-T = print file system type
-h = human readable format