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Mitosis in plants

Occurs only in certain parts
Root tip
Combium layer - between xylem and phloem ( increases size of trunk)


Mitosis in insects

Grow in two stages
Hatch from eggs as larve ( grub, maggot)
Larve don't undergo mitosis cell simply get larger SA:V limits it
Then undergoes metamorphosis and totally changes its body plan
Mitosis occurs at imaginable discs, cell grows in particular direction to form a leg, wing etc


Mitosis in mammals

After adult size is reached, mitosis occurs in certain areas of the body
Hair and nails
Bone marrow
Injury or cell death


Need for cytokinesis

Is the division of cytoplasm
Makes sure the cytoplasm is divided evenly in the new daughter cells at end of mitosis


Changes in the nucleus of plant cell undergoing mitosis: onion root tip

1 chromosome become visible-resting stage
2 chromosomes line up on the equator of the spindle- nucleus membrane disappears
3 chromosomes assemble at the poles- cytokinesis begins
4 cytokinesis completed division- nuclei membrane starts to form around chromosomes two identical daughter cells are formed


What does Mitosis do? And the process

Is to ensure that new cells are formed and damaged cells are replaced with identical cells
Process of division of the nucleus
Each chromosome replicates itself then separates into two new cells
Cytoplasm splits at the end (cytokinesis)