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Write down clinical signs of mania

- dramatic mannerisms
- flamboyant dress and makeup
- increase in goal-directed activity
- intrusive
- demanding
- domineering
- sometimes aggressive
- impulsive
- rapid mood changes
- unpredictable mood

- full of energy
- extreme motor activity
- insomnia
- decreased need for sleep
- changes in appetite
- lack of attention to personal hygiene and general health
- rapid use of calories
- physical exhaustion
- dehydration

Reacts to environment

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What drugs are used to treat mania?

Lithium compounds and anti-convulsants

- Lithium carbonate
- Carbamazepine

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There are two types of mania – what are they?

Type I: one or more manic episodes
Type 2: one hypomanic episode and one depressive episode.
The difference is about length of time of the episode lasting (hypomania – 4 days, mania a week or longer)

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What is the primary difference between type 1 and type 2 mania?

The length and time that the episodes last