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GLUT 1 function

Mediates glucose transport into red cells and throughout the blood brain barrier


GLUT 2 function

Provides glucose to the liver and pancreatic cells


GLUT 3 function

Main transporter in neurons


GLUT 4 location of expression

Expressed in muscle and adipose tissue and is REGULATED by insulin


GLUT 5 function

Transports FRUCTOSE in the intestine and testis


T of F, Arteriolar dilation decreases likelihood of edema

False, It increases the likelihood. A constriction of arterioles causes decreased capillary hydrostatic pressure and as a result, decreased net pressure across capillary wall. Therefore, the opposite occurs in Arteriolar dilation


4 conditions that cause extracellular fluid edema?

1. Increased capillary pressure (blockage of vein)
2. Decreased plasma colloid osmotic pressure (decreased plasma protein concentration)
3. Increased interstitial fluid colloid osmotic pressure (lymphatic obstruction)
4. Increased capillary permeability (certain allergic responses)


When does edema occur:

when the volume of interstitial fluid exceeds the capacity of the lymphatics to return the fluid to the circulation or the accumulation of fluid in a third space, such as the peritoneum, pleural cavity or pericardial sac.


Massive systemic edema is called what?



What is an oncogene

A defective gene that is involved in triggering cancer cell growth


4 examples of oncogenes

1. HER-2/neu: a growth factor receptor (30% of breast cancer)
2. ras: a signal transduction molecule
3. myc: a transcription factor (burkitt's lymphoma)
4. src: a protein tyrosine kinase (first ever discovered)


Organic part of bone matrix is mainly composed of what type of collagen?

Type I


What bonds are found between amino acid linkages?

Covalent bonds
- Peptide and disulfide bonds are examples of covalent bonds


T or F, The pitch is related to the frequency of the sound wave. In general, the higher the frequency of a sound wave, the higher the pitch of the sound wave



The loudness of a sound is related to what of the wave?

To the intensity and the amplitude of the wave


What is the 60-40-20 rule?

60% of body weight is water
40% of body weight is intracellular fluids
20% of body weight is extracellular fluids


What is the most potent mechanism for increasing heat production



Osmotic pressure of a solution depends on what?

The number of solute particles present and not on their various properties. For example: Sodium chloride will ionize into 2 ions per molecule whereas glucose will remain a single molecule in solution


Define the following stages of the cell cycle:
G1 stage
S stage
G2 stage
M stage

G1 = GAP 1 --> growth and preparation of the chromosomes for replication
S = Synthesis --> Synthesis of DNA
G2 = GAP 2 --> preparation for mitosis
M = Mitosis