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What are the different types of advert?

Informative - inform public
Persuasive - make buy product used in competitive market
Corporate - promote whole company rather than products
Generic - advertising whole industry


Factors to consider when choosing appropriate media to use to advertise?

Market segment
Target audience
Competitors advertising
Impact required
Legal restrictions


Examples of into the pipeline promotion

Point of sales material
Sale or return
Staff training
Dealer loaders
Extended credit
Dealer competitions


Examples of our of the pipeline promotions

Free samples
Bonus packs
Loyalty schemes
Vouchers and discount coupons


How do businesses use public relations for promotion?

Use press to counteract bad publicity
Give donations to charities
Sponsor events
Product/celebrity endorsement


Describe merchandising

Front line give impression friendly store
Eye level 1.6 meters above floor
End aisle grab attention customers
Power aisle for one off promotions in centre shop
Find the milk make customers walk past bargains
Bakery smell bread make customers hungry


What is above the line promotion?

Independent media used or mass media to reach wide audience


What is bellow the line production?

Controlled by organisation and aimed at certain market segments


Advantages of product portfolio

Increase profits from selling more products
Easier launch new products business well established
Easier cope with seasonal fluctuations as other products sales pick up
Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty


Disadvantages of product portfolio

Higher advertising costs to let customers know about all products
Research and development costs high to make new products
One product does bad affect whole business