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Does Canadian labour legislation recognize the right of most employees to freely choose to be a member of a union?



What 4 factors determine employee support for a union?

1. Personal factors, such as parents' views on unions, one's own socioeconomic status, personal perception of whether union will give workers a greater voice and the perception of the specific union

2. Workplace factors, such as dissatisfaction with workplace conditions, dissatisfaction with compensation, the type of work

3. Economic factors, such as the workers' pay levels, the unemployment rate, and the inflation rate

4. Societal factors, including attitudes about unions, and whether labour legislation facilitates union certification


What does a successful organizing campaign result in?

It results in the union being able to request recognition as the bargaining agent for employees.


What is the formal first step of the organizing campaign?

The Information Meeting, where interested employees meet with a union representative off site and after hours.


Is the location of the information meeting shared with the employer?

Usually not. Usually it is kept secret.


What three components does the application for union certification contain?

An indication of sufficient membership support, a description of the desired bargaining unit, and a descriptions of the employer and union.


What is an "appropriate bargaining unit"?

There must be enough in common among the members to make a cohesive and representative unit.

The appropriateness is determined based on the size and location of the unit. The Board tries to balance the bargaining power of the employer and that of the union.


How do you define "employee"?

Someone who works on a regular basis, for an employer, in a dependent relationship, and under the employer's direction and control.


Define "employer".

Generally, someone with the authority to hire, accountable for establishing and monitoring work conditions, who exercises control over day-to-day work and production.


Why is a company union not recognized as a bona fide union?

Because it is dominated or formed by the employer.


What is voluntary recognition?

When an employer recognizes a union as the exclusive bargaining agent without the union going through the formal application.