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External fetal HR monitor

- Record HR through abdomen
- Ultrasound
- Ave rate 110-160 BPM
- Assessment of fetal distress
- Non-stress test, biphysical profile


Internal fetal HR monitor

- Transducer attached to fetal scalp
- More accurate & consistent
- effect of medications on uterus
- Cant get out of bed



- Incision in perineum during childbirth
- Enlargement of vaginal opening
- Cut away from perineum
- Large baby,


Vacuum extractor

- Soft suction cup & vacuum to excise baby
- Prolonged 2nd stage labor, fetal compromise
- Contraindicated in premature, failed attempts with forceps



- Tool to aid in excising baby from vaginal canal
- Must have full dilation, head engagement, membranes ruptures
- Not commonly used


Induction & augmentation of labor with medications

- Oxytocin (most effective), laminaria to dilate and efface cervix
- Prostaglandins to trigger contractions
- Amniotomy- to rupture sac and trigger induction of labor


Medical abortion

Mifepristone & Misoprostol (Cytotec):- 1st trimester abortion, can use up to 63 days
- Mifeprestone causes contractions
- 24-72 hrs later misoprostol to dilate cervix and additional contractions


Surgical abortion

- Dilation, aspiration & evacuation
- 1st & 2nd trimester
- Dilate cervix, digoxin to ensure fetal demise, suction to remove.