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Who was Hippocrates?

A rich man with lists of spare time


What did Hippocrates contribute to medicine?

The first real explanation for illnesses that wasn’t God. Creates theory of 4 humours and observation, diagnosis, prognosis


What is the theory of the 4 Humours

An imbalance in the 4 humours (phlegm, blood, black bile and yellow bile) causes illness and you need to regain that balance to recover


Who was Galen?

Greek physician working in Rome


What did Galen contribute to medicine?

Proved that the brain, not the heart, controlled the body (live pig experiment). Used Hippocrates Theory of the 4 humours to develop Theory of Opposites. Thought to stay healthy you needed to eat, sleep and exercise in a balanced manner. Did human body dissections.


How did Galen impact medical teaching?

Wrote books used in the teaching of medicine


Why did the Church support Galen's ideas?

He thought the human body was so amazing it must have been designed by God. It agreed with their ideas.


What are the agents of change?

Wealth, War, Individuals, Governments, Chance,Change, Science and Technology, Communications and Religion


What were Galen's method of treatment?

Diet and exercise, bleeding and 4 Humours/Theory of Opposites


How did Galen learn about anatomy about the human body?

He was a Gladiator Surgeon, did public dissections on apes pigs and goats