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What did scientists believe about offspring before Mendel

That variations in parents blended or fused together in their offspring


How did Mendel do to test genetics

Observed characteristic in pea plants
He bread pea plants together by using a paintbrush from one plant to the flower of another plant. A bag was then placed over the flower on the pant and sealed. He planted the seeds that were formed and observed the characteristics of the offspring


Mendel genetic laws

1 a pair of alleles will separate when gametes are formed
2 inheritance is random
3 in each pair of allele one is dominant and one is recessive. The dominant is always expressed over the recessive


From models experiments what did he conclude

Inherited factors control the variation of characteristics. The factors exist in alleles and don't change


Why was menedels work ignored

Scientists did not see how factors could explain the many variations in characteristics or how his ideas could explain evolution