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Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato

GW tier sparkling
Region: Yarra Valley, Australia (SE)
Style: sparkling, off-dry to sweet rosé
Variety: old vine gordo (brown) and black muscat
Taste: smooth with crisp finish. (grapefruit, mandarin, guava)
Pairing: tout


Elicio Vermentino

Tier 1 white
Region: Vin de pays Côte de Languedoc-Ventoux, deep south Rhone Valley FR
Style: light and crisp
Variety: rhone and bordeaux
Taste: exotic fruits with sharp minerality (passion fruit, lychee, white peaches, tangerine)
Pairing: seafood, shellfish, white fish, fruit, non-stinky cheese, light vinaigrettes
Elicio: to reveal, to incarnate


Fenn Valley Celita's Vino Verde

Tier 1 white
Region: Fennville MI
Style: light, crisp, fruity, and effervescent
Variety: Seyval (harvested early to capture greeness)
Taste: fresh citrus and tropical fruits, tangerines,, kumquats
Pairing: seafood, shellfish, white fish, fruits, non-stinky cheese


Latúe Airén

Tier 1 white
Region: La Mancha, Spain
Style: medium-full flavored, light-crisp tendancies
Variety: 100% Airén (widely planted in SP often used as a blending grape)
Taste: Juicy fruity with a minerally finish. (banana, guava, mango, tangerine, apples, white pears, honeysuckle aromas)
Pairing: shellfish, seafood, butter sauces, fruits, pastas


Zestos Blanco

Tier 1 white
Region: Vinos de Madrid DO (Domaine of Origin) Spain
Style: light crisp, with the mouth feel of a full flavored white
Variety: 100% Malvar (native to Madrid, only grown in SP)
Taste: Medium-full body, dry and crisp (tropical fruits, white flower, lychee, citrus, white spices and fennel)
Pairing: cheeses, seafood, shellfish, fruits
Zestos: basket as hommage to the farmers who work the vinyards


Domaine Nicole Rouge

Tier 1 red
Region: Languedoc, France
Style: full and complex
Variety: Cinsault, Grenache, Merlot, Carignan (grapes from Rhone and Bordeaux regions) ea. variety vinified separately to enhance specific characteristics for a multi-layered wine
Taste: Big mouth feel with soft tannins, finishes dry with tastes of fruit, vanilla, and liquorish. (plum raspberry, dark cherry, flower garden, vanilla and liquorish aromas)
Pairing: grilled meats, braised meats, game meats and birds, cheeses


Latué Tempranillo

Tier 1 red
Region: La Mancha, Spain
Style: full and complex with dry finish
Variety: 100% Tempranillo
Taste: big and bold with soft approchable tannins, ripe and dried fruits, finishes dry dusty and earthy.
Pairing: all cheeses, red meats (grilled or braised) red sauces


Elicio Grenache-Merlot

Tier 1 red
Region: Vin de pays Côte de Languedoc-Ventoux, deep south Rhone Valley FR
Style: silky velvety red, solid earthy/fruity tendencies
Variety: 50-50 Grenache-Merlot
Taste: Very smooth with refreshing acidity (strawberry, raspberry, jammy, and fresh earth/spice aromas)
Pairing: most cheeses, grilled and braised meats (all sammies.


Blanc de Bleu Sparkling Chardonnay

Tier 1 sparkling
Region: Northern Cali (Sonoma and Napa)
Style: light and crisp
Variety: 100% Chardonnay, using Cuvée method (blend of chardonnays from diff regions)
Taste: Light and delicate with fresh fruit flavors and crisp finish (tropical fruits, white peach, apples and blossoms aromas)
Pairing: light foods, non-stinky cheeses, fruit, white fishes
Made in the Charmat method with a secondary fermentation in large tanks. During 2nd fermentation blueberries are added to make the wine both blue and fruity


Domaine de Ballade Colombard-Sauvignon Blanc

Tier 2 white
Region: Gascogne, France. SW France along Spanish border
Style: light crisp white with sharp minerality
Variety: 70% SB 30% Colombard
Taste: Fairly rich mouth feel up front into sharp and crisp finish (fresh citrus and tropical fruit, flowers and wet stone aromas)
Pairing: shellfish, white fish, fruit, non-stinky cheeses


Domaine Jean Vullien Vin de Savoie

Tier 2 white
Region: Montmelian, Savoie, France. In the mountains NE
Style: Medium-full flavor with light and crisp tendencies
Variety: 100% Jacquère
Taste: Fruit driven acidic wine with a crisp finish. (citrus and sour fruit aromas, limestone and wet stone)
Pairing: shellfish, seafood, poultry, duck, cheese and fruit


V90 Nero D'Avola

Tier 2 red
Region: Sicily, Italy
Style: full and complex with earthy tendencies
Variey: Nero D'Avola (thick skinned grape that creates deep wines with solid tannnic structures)
Taste: Big and bold finishes dry. (cherry, blackberry, floral and dried fruit aromas)
Pairing: MEAT, braised, grilled, cured sausages, game, cheeses.
*Best steak wine in tier 2


Huber Hugo Sparkling Rosé

Tier 2 sparkling
Region: Weingarten, Traisental, Austria
Style: dry sparkling rosé
Variety: Pinot Noir-Zweigelt blend
Taste: Dry, fruit driven yet creamy red with elegant acidity and mineral extract. (berry, tropical fruit, and spice aromas)
Pairing: lighter fair, shellfish, fruit, light cheeses


Domaine Gitton Sancerre

Tier 3 white
Region: Sancerre, Loire Valley, France (right in the middle)
Style: medium-full flavored with crisp minerally finish
Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc (all white Sancerre wines are SB and all reds are PN)
Taste: Fruity and tart to start with almond and minerality on the finish. (citrus and tropical aromas with hints of almond and wet stone)
Pairing: shellfish, poultry, butter sauces, cheese, game birds, most foods besides grilled meats and steaks


Bread and Butter Chardonnay

Tier 3 white
Region: Napa Valley, California
Style: oaky and buttery
Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Taste: Balance of acidity and richness. Butterscotch and lemongrass beginnings lead to toasty smokey vanilla.
Pairing: shellfish, butter sauces, poultry, some game birds.


Jigsaw Pinot Noir

Tier 3 red
Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Style: earthy and fruity
Variety: 100% Pinot Noir
Taste: Plum and pie spice flavors up front with smooth minerality, finishing with wild iris and sweet earthy flavors. (black cherry and sarsaparilla aromas)
Pairing: cheese, game birds, braised and grilled meats, seafood, latin and asian inspired dishes without too much spice. ***duck a la oberon***


E Guigal Côte du Rhone

Tier 3 red
Region: Rhone Valley, France
Style: blend of full complex and earthy fruity
Variety: Surah, Grenache, and Mouvedre blend
Taste: Fruity beginning leads into leathery and earthy flavors. (black cherry, berries, and wet earthy aromas as well as mushrooms and tobacco)
Pairing: all meats and cheese but will overpower lighter fares.