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During the planning phase, a design strategy should have been established with ....?

Input from the client and all members of the team.


As you develop the look and feel of the website, always refer to...?

The design strategy and always focus on the user.


You must be user-centred, not...?



It must be focused on what the user wants and needs, not...?

What you think is cool.


The planning documents developed during the planning phase serve as...?

The foundation for the design of the project.


Although the planning documents should always be considered works in progress, the...?

Design strategy should be solid.


The planning documents serve as a perpetual reference guide that will help the...?

Multimedia team stay focused on the design.


The development team should make...?

The design simple, easy to understand, and easy to use.


The entire design process is...?

Undertaken for the benefit of the user.


The user should not have to be taught how the navigation scheme and media controls work, these components should be...?



From the moment the first web page appears and throughout the interactive process, users should know...?

Where they are and where they can go (unless the web site is designed to be exploratory, such as a mystery, or adventure type game).


The homepage, which is the entry page to the web site, should indicate what is...?

Contained in the website and how to navigate through it.


In addition to the design strategy, the design team should follow... ?

The principles of multimedia design that have been establish


Developers use principles of multimedia as design guidelines, which are based on...?

The target audience, content, and type of web site, rather than as absolute design rules.


Multimedia design guidelines help the developer achieved ...?

The overriding design consideration from which the entire web site flows.


The design guidelines fall into two categories...?

Appearance and interactivity.


If you want your web site to be credible, you have to...?

Design each page of the web site just as carefully as you would create any piece of a company or Organisational correspondence.


An accurate web site with superb visual design and high editorial standards will inspire ______ in your user.



One of the most powerful aspects of any web site design is its...?

Appearance, including the important extras that are designed for users


A metaphor is a ...?

Figurative representation that links the content of your website to an established mental model.


Well-designed and target metaphors can be...?

Powerful communication tools.


The best approach for developing a metaphor is to...?

Collaborate with the client and prospective users.


To be effective, metaphors must be...?

Concrete and obvious.


All of the web page images, including icons and pointer symbols, as well as the navigation process, should ...?

Complement one and other and be consistent with the web sites content. (In addition, they must be appropriate; otherwise, they may mislead and confuse the user.)


Poorly designed and inappropriate metaphors are ...?

Distasteful and unnecessary.


If the metaphor reinforces the message and appeals to the target audience without detracting from the content and navigability of the web site, you should...?

Consider using it.


Consistency is an...?

Especially important component of a web site. (It applies to both the appearance of each web page and how the navigation scheme works)


A template is a...?

Precise layout indicating where various elements will appear on the web page.


Way a template can aid the design process: providing consistency:

Each element of the web page will appear in the same location, which aids the user in...?

Understanding how the website works and increases the speed at which the user can navigate through the web site


Way a template can aid the design process: shorten the development time:

Because the similarity of the web pages, templates can reduce the amount of time needed to...?

Arrange elements on various web pages.


Way a template can aid the design process: prevent object shift:

An object that moves even one pixel as the user navigates through the website causes a noticeable and disconcerting jump. Templates that utilise grids can specify...?

The exact layout, down to a pixel in each element, which prevents objects from shifting.


Cascading style sheet (CSS) have made type design, layout, and consistency easier to...?

(Using CSS, you can create styles that contain a variety of formatting specifications. Then, rather than applying these specifications to each section in your web page or web site, you apply the style that includes the specs. )


In general people visit your website because they are interested in the information or....?

Content you have to offer.


All multimedia elements should...?

Complement the content of a web site.


Media elements should enhance the content and not be the ...?

Focus, unless the goal of the web site is to entertain or showcase artwork.


A major consideration in designing a Web site is determine what...?

Content and how many levels users must navigate.


On web pages, less text is..?

Usually better.


You should always strive to include content that...?

Users may want or need, you should always strive to remove content that they do not want or need.


When there is a lot of content, the tendency is to add more levels. The more levels, the greater the chance of...?

Confusion and frustration by users as they try to determine where they are, how they got there, and how they can return to the starting point.


You can reduce the number of levels in many ways, for example, by providing...?

Hyperlinks (also called links) that skip several levels by replacing parts of the original web page with new content but leaving the shell of the website intact so that users have a frame of reference.


Hyperlinks extend the capabilities of web pages by allowing users to...?

Link to related topics.


Links allow designers to keep text on each page....?

To a minimum.


Regardless of the amount of content, make sure the content is...?

Always acc


Users generally do not read a web page, instead they...?

Simply scan it.

( they look for keywords and links)


Providing too much information on a page or cluttering it with too many graphics or animations may...?

Hinder the user.


First time visitors to a website generally spend less than...?

60 secs on the web page.

( during that time, the website must capture the visitors Inter


The web site must be designed in a way that makes it easy for the users to learn ...?

The purpose of the web site.


Text is still the primary element used to...?

Convey information on web pages.


Fonts, colour, style, and special effects can enhance text, but bottom line is that your text must be...?



The goal to laying out an effective web page is to design it so that it is...?

Balanced, but not boring.


Balance in web page design refers to the...?

Distribution of optical weight in the layout.


Optical weight is the ability of an element (such as a graphic, text, headline, or subhead) to...?

Attract the users eye.


Each element has optical weight as determined by its ...?

Nature and size.


The nature of the elements refers to its...?

Shape, colour, brightness, and type.

( for example, a stunning colour photograph of Mount Everest has more weight than a block of text of equal size.)


Balance is determined by the ...?

Weight of the elements and their position on the web page.


Symmetrical balance is achieved by...?

Arranging elements as horizontal or vertical mirrored images on both sides of a centre line.


Asymmetrical balance is achieved by...?

Arranging non identical elements on both sides of a centre line.


No balance design has elements arranged on the web without...?

Regard to the weight on both sides of the centre line.


In general symmetrical design is....?

Static and suggests order and formality.

( it might be appropriate for multimedia web sites that highlight the corporate image of conservative Organisations such as banks and insurance companies)


Asymmetrical designs is dynamic and suggests...?

Diversity and informality.

(It might be appropriate for entertainment web sites for which a feeling of movement and discovery are important.)


Though you want a consistent method of navigation, you do not want to...?

Develop a monotonous rhythm of graphic, text, animation, and sound. The goal is to grab the users attention but still maintain a balanced look.


One way to achieve balance without monotony is to...?

Consider how elements work together.


Position text carefully to achieve a...?

Good balance with other multimedia elements.

(For example you can wrap text around a related graphic to create an attractive, well balanced paragraph with visual appeal.)


Make sure text flows around the appropriate graphic and that....?

Readability is considered.


Text is easier to read when it flows around the...?

Top, bottom, or to one side of a graphic.


Do not forget white space...?

The blank areas on a page where text and other media elements are not found. Remember that whir space does not have to be white.


In general, users like space between elements. Too much in the web page at one time can be....?

Unsettling. White space is an important element in web page design.


Movement relates to...?

How the users eye moves through the elements on the web page.


When a web page appears on a monitor, the viewers eye is drawn to a particular location. In a balanced design, this point might be the...?

Optical centre.


An optical centre is a point somewhat above...?

The physical centre of the web page.


In western culture, the tendency is to move through contents of the web page...?

By going from the upper left to the lower right. As we design for the global community however, it is critical to include visual clues such as arrows that help direct the viewers' movement on the page