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- What the sentence is about



- Verb
- What the subject is doing



- A group of words that contains a subject and a predicate
- It can be independent or dependent


Independent Clause

- Expresses a complete thought and can stand alone


Dependent Clause

- Is incomplete
- Cannot stand alone
- Often marked by a subordinating conjunction


Modifying Phrase

- An optional element in a sentence that could be removed without changing the meaning of the sentence
- Has a subject or a verb but not both
- Will commonly look like an adjective


Be able to write a sentence with an independent and dependent clause and identify each part.
Also, identify the subject and the predicate of each clause.

Ex. Even though I normally do not drive at night, I want to see the movie that comes out at midnight.


Be able to write a sentence with a modifying phrase and an independent clause.
Also, identify the subject and predicate of the clause.

Ex. The girl with the brown eyes has never been to this class before.


Be able to identify independent and dependent clauses in pre-written sentences.

Ex. The president declared a cease-fire in Iraq; nevertheless, some rogue troops continued firing.


Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions

- Although
- Because
- Even though
- When


Examples of Coordinating Conjunctions

- And
- But


What acronym helps one to remember the coordinating conjunctions?



Run-on Sentence

- Two independent clauses are joined somehow indirectly either by a comma or fused together
- They can be fixed by a semi-colon, replacing the comma with a period, adding a conjunction, or changing one to a modifying phrase



- An incomplete sentence
- Lacks a subject or a predicate
- Is a dependent clause trying to stand alone
- Can be fixed by adding the missing piece, connecting to an independent clause, or deleting the subordinating conjunction


Think of four ways to fix the following sentence:
Syrian refugees are clamoring for the asylum, the president refuses to allow them to cross the boarder.

1. Change the comma to a semi-colon
2. Replace the comma with a period and capitalize the first letter of the first word after the period.
3. Add a conjunction
4. Change one of the pieces into a modifying phrase


Know how to fix fragments.

Ex. My great Aunt Bertha from Charleston.


Where is the comma missing and why:
Adrianne went to bed but Lucy stayed up to watch the ball drop.

- It is missing before "but"
- This is because it is a coordinating conjunction joining two independent clauses.


Where is the missing comma and why:
In fact Lucy stayed up all night.

- It should go after "fact"
- "In fact" is a transitional element and needs to be set off from the rest of the sentence


Where is the missing comma and why:
What I wonder was Dean thinking?

- It should go before and after "I wonder"
- It is a non-restrictive clause; it is additional information that can be removed.


Where is the missing comma and why:
The Simpsons a dysfunctional TV family are always fighting.

- It should go before and after "a dysfunctional TV family"
- It is a non-restrictive clause; it is additional information that can be removed.


Where is the missing comma and why:
After Melanie curled her hair she put on her makeup.

- It should go after "hair"
- All that comes before the word "she" is an introductory expression.


Where is the missing comma and why:
Wesley knits scarves crochets hats and sews quilts.

- It should go after "scarves", "hats", and "quilts"
- This is because they are items within a series


Where is the missing comma and why:
"I'd like ginger ale" I told the flight attendant.

- It should go after "ale" but inside the quotation marks
- Because it is dialogue


Where is the missing comma and why:
He whispered "Diet or regular?"

- It should go before "diet" in front of the quotation marks
- Because it is dialogue


Where is the missing comma and why:
January 1 2000 was supposed to be the day all computers shut down.

- It should go after "1" and after "2000"
- Because it is a date


Determine why commas are not needed within sentences

Ex. Jessica never eats chocolate because it gives her a headache.


The five features of formal language

1. Full formed words
2. Longer, more complex sentences
3. Use 3rd person pronouns
4. Objective, unemotional tone
5. Higher register words


The five features of informal language

1. Short, incomplete sentences
2. Contractions/abbreviations
3. Talking directly to audience
4. Conversational tone
5. Cliche's, slang, figures of speech



- A brief statement or account of the important points of something (taking the exact words and shortening)



- To reword something written or spoken by someone else (changing words to improve clarity)


Be prepared to rewrite sentences to make them clearer.

Ex. The dog was taken to the veterinarian with the broken leg.


What are the font and font size of MLA format?

- Times New Roman
- 12pt font


What is the margin size of MLA format?

- 1in margins on every side


What should the header of an MLA paper include?

- First line: Student's Name
- Second line: Professor's Name
- Third line: Class Name
- Fourth line: Date ( Day Month Year) NO COMMAS


What information should be included in the page numbers in MLA format?

- The page numbers should be on the top right corners of every page
- They should also include the last name of the student who is writing the paper