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What does respiratory catabolism involve

They involve enzymes that rapidly break down (oxidize) compounds such as sugars via the EMP pathway and teh TCA cycle.


What is oxidative phosphorlyation?

Electrons are passed from one cytochrome to another and with each step they transfer some of their energy to the phosphorylation of ADP to ATP


What is the purpose of the terminal electron acceptor?

it removes the energy spent electrons, which are no longer of any use to the cell


What is Needed for both catalase and cytochrome c test?

A fresh culture


What will the presence of cytochrome C prove?

a microbe has the capacity for respiratory catbolism


How can we identify for Cytochrome C oxidase test work?

1. add Tetramethyl-p-phenylenediamine ( colorless reagent in reduced state_
2. the reagent will be oxidize when the electrons are transferred to cytochrome C Changing its color to a dark purple compound known as wuster blue.


Positive result for cytochrome C test?

Deep violet/purple color within 10 seconds