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How has a swimming pool hoist effected participation

1. Improved accessibility to sports for disabled athletes


How has monitoring VO2 max and lactate threshold chambers effected participation

Assess whether a performer is physiologically able to become an elite athlete therefore giving them access to elite sport


Name 2 ways that fitness suits have effected participation

1. Quantity and quality of gyms has increased so increases accessibility
2. Changes in equipment makes it more appealing so persuades an increase in participation


Name 2 ways in which advancements in playing surfaces has effected participation

1. More consistent playing surfaces for professional athletes to train on, therefore helping to raise the standard
2. Can now play in all weather and at any time of day meaning that there is more accessibility for the public to play sport


Name 2 ways that adapted wheelchairs have effected participation

1. Allows performers to play sports more regularly
2. Allows people to access elite level sport


Name 2 ways that improved floodlighting has effected participation

1. Better quality lighting means that events can be held at night when there is a larger audience to watch
2. General public are able to play more often as can now play outside of work


Name 2 ways in which improved sporting equipment has effected participation

1. More success with modern equipment which makes it more enjoyable to play so can increase participation
2. Can raise standard of elite sport, this increases participation and therefore increases funding to elite sport


Name 2 ways in which wearable computers has effected elite sport

1. Can track heart rate ensuring athletes can ensure they are training at a high enough intensity to cause progressive overload and improve performance
2. Becomes easier to track progress for the general public so will increase motivation and therefore increase participation


How have hypoxic chambers effected participation

Reduces O2 availability so increases red blood cell count so can replicate altitude training leading to an increase in standard


How have wind tunnels effected participation

Assess aerodynamics so can change equipment or technique to improve performance and so increases spectatorship etc...


How have 3D motion capture effected participation

Asses whether you are physiologically able to access elite level sport therefore giving a pathway to elite sport


How have improvements in sporting design effected participation (2 things)

1. More efficient build so can improve technique
2. Reduces chance of injury
3. More comfortable to perform in


Name 2 ways that modern technology has reduced participation

1. Development of high quality computer games can influence a sedentary lifestyle
2. Can be expensive therefore leading to inequality
3. Wealthier countries have elite advantages as have money to spend on modern technology


Name 2 arguments against the use of modern technology in sport

1. Greater disparity between this generation and previous generation standard
2. Arguments on standards of which generation is better with modern able to set new records


Name 3 positives of how modern technology has made sport more entertaining

1. People can re-wind live sport - can catch up if they missed action
2. Multiple camera angles - every aspect of sport can be watched
3. Advanced slow motion - gives a fuller experience and appreciation of sport
4. Advancements in analytic tech - can help raise standard
5. Better punditry - improved analytic tech allows pundits to analyse sports more effectively making it more entertaining


Name 2 ways in which modern technology has decreased entertainment in sport

1. Delays - video assistant referees disturbs the flow of the game
2. Increase in TV coverage - less people travel to the stadium as are more willing to watch sport at home