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For companies to survive they must be able to accommodate a range of different objectives to keep customers satisfied.

These include:
1. q___________ and a_____________ inquiries such as price and expected delivery of a product.
2. The capacity to r_________ items for a customer
3. P_____ S_______ or shipments to different addresses.
4. Shipping items directly to the customer from the vendor (also known as ________ _________)
5. R______ of orders before they are invoiced
6. C_______ several shipments into one
7. Using _______ ________ when sales agreements are decided upon in advance

1. Quick & accurate
3. Partial shipments
4.Drop shipments
5. Receipt
6. Combining
7. Blanket orders


When a sale is processed, what are the two subsequent transactions (at a high level)

Inventory decreases and accounts receivable for the customer increases


Sometimes companies may want to record the salesperson involved in the sale... This can be done using the __________ field?

The salesperson code on sales order header


Sales order Management is made up of four setups. What are they? SCCS

1. S and R setup
2. Customer setup
3. Customer posting groups
4. Salesperson setup


As part of sales order management - posting groups must be setup to link customers and accounts in the general ledger. How do you achieve this?

1. Create customer posting groups
2.Link them to the balance sheet anf income statement accounts
3. Assign posting groups to individual customers


On the S and R setup page, if shipment on invoice is checked what will happen?

When a sales invoice is created a sales shipment will automatically be created


On the S and R setup page, if return receipt on credit memo is checked what will happen?

The program will automatically create a return receipt when a SCM is created


On the S and R setup page - what are the two options for "Default qty. to ship"? These affect a sales order and sales return order. Also applies to a new order and after an order is posted

Remainder and blank.


On the S and R setup page - why would a company chose to have a blank "default qty. to ship"

To force users to have to type in the actual qty instead of providing the default qty they must accept without any validation


On the S and R setup page - what does the check box "check prepayment when posting" do?

Verifies whether an order can be posted or not depending on whether the prepayment amt has been paid. If checked and unpaid - you will not be able to ship


On the S and R setup page - what does the check box "archive quotes and orders field" do?

Tells program whether or not to auto archive sales documents and orders when a sales doc is deleted


On the customer card under shipping preferences - they are some preferences that can be defined. What are they?

1. SA
2. SM (next day, customer pickup, etc)
3. SA (hint UPS)
4. C______ing shipments allowed or not

1. shipping advice (whether partial orders accepted or not).
2.shipment method
3. Shipping agent
4. Combining shipments


What does combine shipments on the customer card do?

Determines whether multiple shipments or return receipts can be grouped to one invoice/credit memo.


What is the name of the routine to combine posted but uninvoiced shipments into one or multiple invoices?

Combine shipments batch job. It does this ONLY for orders with combine shipment on the header. This is inherited from the customer card


What is the name of the routine to combine uninvoiced return receipts into one or multiple credit memos?

Combine return receipts batch job


On the customer card - what are the three options for reservations?

1. Never
2. Optional
3. Always


For item information - between the customer card and item, which takes precedence?

Item card


On the customer card - using the shipping advice field... If it is set to complete and the qty to ship is less than full order ... what will happen?

The system will not allow you to ship because you must ship the full order


Shipment method code refers to what?

The inco terms


A ________ ______ can be requested by potential customers, existing customers, or contacts before agreeing to a sales order

Sales quote


Does a sales quote require existing customer information in the system?



The following is refering to a what?

"Order processor crates a ______ ______ when a customer commits to purchase one item in a large quantity that will be delivered in several shipments overt time

Blanket sales order


True or false.

When dealing with blanket orders -quantity on the sales order can exceed the quantity of the associated blanket order



Is it possible to connect a sales order to a blanket order even if you didn't create the sales order off blanket?

Yes. you must fill in the blanket order No. on the sales order line


How can you delete a blanket sales order?

Even if all the orders are invoiced the blanket order will remain in the system until you delete it manually or use the Invd blanket sales order batch job.


On a sales order, what is the significance of posting date?

The date the order will be post to the G/L, customer, and ledger entries


What is the importance of document date?

Date order is created. Used for customers payment due date and finance charges


What are the two possible statuses of a sales order?

Open and released


What does an "open" sales order signify

Implies that changes might still be made and its not ready for the next tasks, such as warehousing. There is also a batch posting job to only post released orders - and this separates it from the posting tasks.


What does "released" on a sales order signify?

Means order is ready for next stage of processing. Info cannot be changed. Can be released manually or automatically when a a shipment is posted


Why would a company use manual releasing of sales order?

1. It's pending approval
2. Pending prepayment. The invoice must be paid before order can ship


If an order is open - is it included in item availability calculations?



In some sales situations - especially when supply of an item is constrained - you have the ability o allocate existing or future inventory to an order line. what is this called?



The reservation selection on the item card always trumps - unless what?

Item reservation is optional and on the customer card - reservation is set to always.


Reserved quantities are not included in planning routines? T or F



Because of the ability to ship and invoice seperately - what two processes does that allow for clients?

1. ability to undo a quantity record (shipment) for an unposted order
2. combine several shipments into one invoice


What is the name of the batch job to post several sales documents? B______H P_____ S______ O______

batch post sales orders


There are 5 parts to a drop shipment. The first is:

1. The customer places order w/ company.

2. company places a PO with vendor
3. Vendor delivers the ordered items directly to the customer
4. The vendor invoices the company for the shipment
5. The company invoices the customer


Many companies insist that some customers pay a part of the total price of their order that is specified as an amount or a percentage, before the order is shipped. What is this called?

Customer prepayment


The Prepayment % field on the Prepayment FastTab of the sales order automatically populates if there is a default prepayment percent on the ___________ _______?

Customer card


What is the hierachy of prepayment (in reference to sales order)? 2 levels

1. item
2. customer card


Which of the following functions do you use to change a sales quote or blanket sales order into an order?

Make Order


Explain how to apply a single prepayment percentage to a whole sales order.

After the order lines are complete, click the Prepayment FastTab for the sales order. In the Prepayment % field, type the prepayment percentage for the whole order. When you exit the Prepayment % field, the order lines update by using the value in the Prepayment % field.


What is the purpose of reserving inventory for a sales order?

To prevent the reserved inventory items from being used for other purposes so that the sales order is shipped as promised.