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What do you do to transmit a message?

- Prepare your message
- Press the foot pedal down and pause briefly
- Pass your message clearly and at an even pace
- Lift your foot off the pedal


What determines ownership of an event?

The location of the event.


Where should the FSV dispatcher look to determine who has ownership of a particular event?

The agency control field


What is the primary radio dispatcher's responsibilities?

- Managing all radio traffic
- All appliance status changes received via radio
- All event status changes received via radio
- Escalations received via radio
- Event and non event related paging requests received via radio
- Instigate the NYR workflow
- Monitor the status and response of appliances on their radio channels


What is the support dispatcher's responsibilities?

- Any brigade required to support another brigade managed by the primary radio dispatcher.
- Instigate the NYR workflow on a supporting brigade to allow the primary dispatcher to take further action as appropriate.
- Entering details into the event when a request for escalation/additional resources has been received and an Incident control point has not been established. (If IC has been established, refer appliance to IC)


What should a radio operator do as part of their maintenance checks when they sit down at a terminal?

- Check jack connection to Vortex
- Check all external volume controls
- Check the amplifier unit, ensuring headset button is depressed and the voice control button is depressed on talk.
- Check connection to headset
- Check communication link is open by testing left click transmit function on mouse and foot pedal
- Check correct channel has been selected
- Check channel volume level.


What are the ways a Radio dispatcher can transmit?

- Foot pedal
- General transmit button
- Instant transmit button
- Boom microphone


What is the broadcast channel used for?

Allows the communications centre to transmit a message simultaneously to all radios on all channels (except secure channels)


What are the secure channels used for?

When it is desirable to restrict unauthorised monitoring of brigade radio communications.


What is the EMR duress channel used for?

Used by MFB fire fighters to liaise and receive clinical advice from the ambulance clinician.


Who is responsible for any duress activation on the EMR duress channel?

MFS operators


What is the activity log used for?

To display a list of transmissions from appliances including the time received, channel received on and the type of transmission received.


What is multi selecting channels?

Enables you to have multiple channels selected for receiving and transmitting.

The appliances on the multiselected channels can only hear other appliances on their own channel.


What is patching channels and what does it achieve?

Allows the operator to place multiple independent channels together to allow full communication between them, and allows transmitting to the patched channels simultaneously.


How many patch groups can a channel be patched to at one time?

Only one.