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List the transmission priority from highest to lowest - MFB

- Duress alarms
- Priority call signs
- Wordbacks
- Turnouts/firecalls
- Sit reps/Event messages
- Appliance movements


What is the priority call sign for MFB?

Red Red Red


What must the ESTA operator do when they receive a Priority call sign in MFB? Provide an example.

Stop all other transmissions and acknowledge the priority caller:

'All appliances standby , Pumper 23 send'


What are the 2 patches maintained in MFB, when are they patched and who maintains them?

Patch 1 - Northern (channel 2) and Western (channel 4). Always patched, maintained at TL desk

Patch 2 - Central (channel 1), Southern (channel 3), Eastern (channel 5). 1800 - 0800 hours, maintained by Radio dispatchers monitoring these channels.


What are the 4 disposition codes used by MFB and what do they mean?

Signal 27 - Requires notification of the CISM team who are to contact the requesting officer. Notify the FSCC who will contact the CISM team.

Signal 40 - Urgent police assistance required, crew or patient in trouble. CAS to police 595.

Signal 56 - Police attendance required.

Signal 83 - Deceased patient.


Name 3 radio types and descriptions used in MFB

Mobile radio - radios fitted to appliances

Executive radio - portable radio equipped with VKN8 and FGD channels

Personal - Portable radio equipped with FGD channels only.


What must be done upon receipt of a 2nd alarm WB, before raising GARS?

- Update status to NY and significant field to Y.


Explain the meaning of the 4 WB statuses

IV - Investigation - When the sending of a WB becomes necessary and the status of an event has yet to be determined.

UC - The situation is controlled or controllable by the resources currently on scene or proceeding.

ST - The fire/incident is of a minor nature and the appliance/s on scene will only be required for a short duration, usually less than 20 minutes.

All appliances proceeding to the event must be told to cancel and return (if they do not acknowledge the WB themselves).

NY - Used when the situation requires raised alarm or additional resources to attend.


What is the time limit before requesting a wordback in MFB?

8 minutes


Unable to complete workflow

- Unable to complete the appliance
- Ask OIC of the appliance, or the incident controller, whether as additional appliance is required to be responded
- Notify the CMDR


Workflow if appliance advises they have been in a MVC

- Create an event for the location of the MVC - 624
- Ask if anyone is injured
- Ask OIC or IC whether an additional appliance is required at the MVC
- Obtain rego numbers and types of vehicles involved.
- Respond AV and police if required.
- Notify CMDR and FSCC


Workflow when an appliance books on scene at an EMR event

- Assign an UC status
- Enter ===FSV ONSCENE=== into remarks


When are you required to dispatch an additional primary appliance when you receive a communication of BA stage 1 in operation?

For SF events, when there is only 2 primaries o/s or e/r.

If there is 3 or more primaries already on the event, an additional primary will only be dispatched at the request of the OIC.


When an OIC at a 2nd alarm requests a secondary FGD channel what are you required to do?

- Assign an additional FGD CH

- Change the name of the first FGD CH to 'PRIMARY FGD' using Incident controller status.

- Change the name of the second FGD CH to 'SECONDARY FGD'


At the request to respond AV to an event for injury or fatalities involving fire fighters, what information is required to be obtained and who is notified?

- Name and Registered number of fire fighter
- Extent of injuries
- Whether AV or POL are required
- Location of injured member (eg. inside building 1)

Turnout dispatcher to respond AV/POL, notify the CMDR and FSCC.


List 4 reasons that may be given for police attendance.

- Traffic Control
- Suspicious Circumstances
- Person(s) injured or deceased
- Crowd control


Who must be notified when a Duress alarm has been activated?

FSCC and the DOC


Who must be notified when a Duress alarm has been activated and no reply has been received from the appliance?

To be done by the FSCC - ACO (business hours) or SDO (after hours)