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CFA radio transmission priority

- Priority call sign (Mayday)
- Red Flag Warning
- Wordbacks
- Turnouts/firecalls
- Sit rep/Event message
- Appliance movements


Workflow on receipt of Mayday transmission

- Direct all other appliances to standby, then direct the appliance to commence transmission.

Eg. 'All appliances standby, Dandenong pumper, send.'

- Immediately notify the Incident Controller
- Support the IC in taking all necessary actions to render immediate assistance in response to the emergency message.
- Where the IC cannot be reached, take the necessary action in response to the emergency message.
- Deal with all communication originated by the emergency message
- Notify the RDO and FSCC


What is the channel number for each CFA metro district?

District 7 - Ch 21
District 8 - Ch 27
District 13 - Ch 54
District 14 - Ch 61


What are the CFA primary appliances for turnout purposes?

P, PT, T, Slip on/Ultra light tanker or TB


What do you do when a second appliance turns out from the supporting brigade (other than a rescue)?

Advise appliance they are the second responding support appliance.


Code 1 circumstances

- G&S fires where a Hot Day table has been actioned or on days of TFB.
- Fires and incidents involving major industrial, commercial or institutional complexes, and where major hazard facilities have Code 1 response turnout notes.
- SF with persons reported trapped or multiple calls are being received.
- Where Strike Teams have been requested to respond code 1.
- WB of NYUC
- When RDO advises of a Code 1 response for G&S fires for a particular period of the day.


Who has the authority to direct an upgrade or downgrade in the response?

Incident controller, RDO, OIC, FSCC


Who must further information be passed to?

The FIRST responding appliance from each brigade.


Workflow when an event location or event type/priority changes

- Re-recommend the event
- Advise the responding brigades


Two forms of communication for a quarry incident

- Telephone
- Radio traffic from an incident control point via an MCV or similar, strategically located remotely from the quarry.


How are CFA moved up appliances responded to an event?

Via Firecall.


Unable to Complete workflow

- Unable to complete the appliance
- Enquire from the OIC or IC, whether an additional appliance is required to be responded (except for escalations - automatically replace the appliance)
- Notify the CFA FSCC


Appliance involved in a MVC

- Create an event (624) at the MVC location.
- Enquire from the OIC or IC if an additional appliance is required at the event, and whether an additional appliance is required at the MVC.
- Unable to complete the appliance
- Respond appropriate agencies (police, AV etc) as required.
- Notify the RDO and FSCC.


When an event involves asbestos or suspicious/white powder.

Advise all appliances responding that the event involves white powder.


Brigades self responding to a suspicious/white powder incident

- Ascertain from the brigade if the police have requested their attendance
- If not, appliances are to return to station immediately
- Ensure details are passed onto police.


How long do CFA coast guard brigades have to respond?

30 minutes


What is the CFA coast guard term used in place of Roger



Where do paged CFA brigades display until acknowledgement?

In the BRM


What communication methods will CFA Coast guard brigades use to acknowledge?

Phone or radio


Workflow for CFA coast guard brigades

CGB will stay in the BRM until acknowledged.

- Once acknowledged, Cancel Brigade Response
- Enter the acknowledgement, all messages received, and appliance movements as a message. Wordbacks can also be taken.
- Hold event for 60 minutes from last known contact.
- Close event after 60 minutes (or earlier if advised)


CGB NYR workflow

- Not Yet Respond the brigade
- Adhoc recommend a new brigade using 'CGB'


CFA firecall - Pager activation but NOT support

- Page the brigade that transmitted the fire call
- Brigade Acknowledge the appliance already ER or o/s.


CFA firecall - Pager activation and support

- Recommend, dispatch and turnout as per normal
- Brigade acknowledge the appliance already ER or o/s.


CFA firecall - NO pager activation or support

Right click and manually dispatch the appliance and Brigade Acknowledge the the appliance ER or o/s.


SES rescue NYR - status of TO after 4 minutes

- Adhoc Recommend another rescue
- Add comment to remarks 'SES (unit ID) has NYR'
- Turnout Dispatcher to contact the relevant SES dispatcher via phone to advise of the NYR.
- All rescues to proceed unless advised by the field.


WB received from brigade personnel responding to an event in their own vehicles.

- Obtain name, rank and brigade of the caller
- Enter details into event chronology
- If member is an officer of a responding brigade or group, treat as a WB and transmit to responding appliances.
- If not an officer, relay information to responding appliances as a message.


Shell Refinery - GEWEP1 move up to Corio - workflow

- When GEWEP1 turns out on radio, Brigade Acknowledge and ER them.
- Pre-empt GEWEP1 from the Shell event
- Locate GEWEP1 in the USM and complete move up as per normal workflows.


What is a Red flag warning?

A message indicating possible danger to crews that is passed down the chain of command, then passed back down the chain as acknowledgement.


WHo may a Red flag warning be issued by?

Sector Commanders, Division Commanders, Operations Officers or Incident Controllers.


Who is notified when a red flag warning is issued?