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Companies that operate in price-sensitive markets frequently need f______ pricing
strategies to help attract and maintain customers



Companies can also price or D_____ items to reduce unwanted inventory, or to
support marketing campaigns



NAV supports sales prices in discount in 3 ways

1. Offer prices and discounts at the O____-L_____ level based on several

Order Line


Provide discounts to customers at the I_____ level based on the
overall invoice amount and, optionally, the currency in which it is

Invoice level


Target specific C______ G________ by using both pricing and discount

customer groups


Typically, if pricing requirements are minimal, companies store price information on _____ _______ where they are limited to one price for each item.

item cards


If a company requires more sophisticated pricing features, it must record its special price agreements on the ________ ________ page

Sales price page


The sales price page can set prices based on the item and conditions. They are:

1. C_________
2. C_________ _______ G________
3. A________ ________
4. C________

1. customer
2. Customer price group
3. All customers
4. Campaign


On the sales price page - you have 5 additional options. They are:

1. I_____ ______
2. U______ ___ ______
3. M______ Q_______ P______
4. O_____ _______
5. C______ P________

1. item variant
2.Unit of measure
3. minimum quantity purchased
4. Order date
5. Currency paid


Sales price page can be accessed from two places? What are they?

Customer & item cards


Examples of situations that require the setup of sales prices include the following:

1. Pricing agreement is reached with a key customer about specific items
2. Pricing decision is reached that targets a specific customer segment
3. Starting an initiative to reduce excess inventory
4. ???

Starting a promotional campaign that introduces a new product


One of the main goals of setting up sales prices is to help ........

sales reps offer customers the best price


The best price is defined as the ......

lowest price with the highest line discount for the order date.


With sales prices setup - when a sales rep enters an order for the customer. NAV does three things. Describe them

1. Checks whether sales prices are set up for the customer
2. Determines which sales prices apply based on whether their conditions are satisfied by the sales header and line details
3.Selects the best price from among the applicable sales prices


If a sales criteria is met, NAV copies the price to where on the sales line?

Unit Price (Excl./Incl. VAT)


Periodically a clerk makes changes to the pricing in NAV. There are two tools to do so. What are they?

The sales price worksheet when using sales prices & The adjust item costs/prices if using costs held on the item card


The main function of the sales price worksheet is to enable sales personnel to work with sales prices similar to how ......

they work with an excel spreadsheet


Sales prices entered in the sales price worksheet are only suggested prices that do not take effect until they are implemented by running the I_____ P______ C_____ batch job. Worksheet suggestions for changing the existing sales prices can be created manually or automatically.

implement price change batch job


There is no worksheet associated with the Adjsut Item costs/Prices batch job. This means changes that are specified are applied directly to item card. True or false?



The suggest item price/suggest item cost batch job updates figures directly on the item card. True or false?

False - it only applies to the worksheet


NAV can help reps to apply three different types of discounts to customers. What are they?
1. I_____ R______
2. I_______
3. P________

1. item related
2. invoice
3. Payment


Item related discounts are know as?

Sales line discounts Sales line discounts can be granted to customers based on pre-defined conditions. Can apply to both individual items and groups of items


Invoice discounts are only granted to a customer if?

The customer pays the total invoice amount in a specified time period


Payment discounts are only granted to a customer if ....

the customer pays the total invoice amt in a specified time period