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Team Leader notifications - first priority


- Fire Stations being depleted of primary appliances (move ups)
- STO failures
- Event escalations
- Any NY UC status (SF and significant events) or raised alarm event.
- Where a NY UC (SF and significant events) or raised event becomes UC or ST.
- Security violations
- Any call where it cannot be determined which agency rep to notify due to insufficient details.
- CAD functionality/performance related issues
- Workstation malfunctions including phone and radio
- Where an event received from another agency has been updated due to incorrect event type
- Operator error which may have an impact on an event
- Alarm testing - call to be transferred to Team Leader if they are available.
- Pattern of false alarm calls detected by the dispatcher.
- Person/s injured or deceased as a result of fire or other significant event.
- Any notifications made to an ESO rep or where a notification will be required (CMDR, Scientific Officer, etc)


What relevant information must be passed onto external agencies about an event (4)


- Location of incident
- Map reference and control points
- Brief description of the situation
- On scene phone number (CFA)


What are the responsibilities of the turnout operator? 7

- Recommend, dispatch and turnout on all accepted events, ensuring the correct response (including actioning of turnout notes or modifying the event as required)
- Initial notifications on all accepted events
- Escalations received via phone
- Receiving and processing calls on dedicated queue
- Appliance status changes received via phone
- All event and non-event related paging requests received via phone
- Notifications as a result of calls on the dedicated queue.


What are the areas THO dispatchers are responsible for? 2

- METRO CFA - 7, 8, 13, 14


What are the internal benchmarks evaluated against calltakers and dispatchers in their monthly feedback reports? 2

- Calltakers have up to 90 seconds to process an agency engage call to accept.
- Dispatchers have up to 30 seconds to dispatch and agency exchange call.


When a request for vicroads or local councils are required to attend a washaway event, what information is to be supplied to them? 4

- Location as provided by the brigade
- Type of substance spilt, eg. oil, diesel, coolant etc
- Width of spill
- Length of spill


What further information should the turnout dispatcher obtain from Vicroads, Citylink, Peninsula Link and Eastlink from their cameras? 3

- Precise details of the location of the incident
- Best point of entry
- Direction of travel to access it.


When RACV are required to attend an incident, the turnout dispatcher is to obtain what details from the field via the radio dispatcher? 5

- RACV membership number
- Vehicle registration number
- Type and colour of the vehicle
- Exact location of the vehicle
- Where the fire was located, eg. Engine compartment or body of vehicle


TTONs must have a completion date of less than how many weeks or days?



State the reason ESTA can release CLI details to a member of an ESO or another ESTA secc

To aid in locating an event


Workflow for change of appliance type- 3 steps

- Make the appropriate changes in CAD if required
- Obtain old car number and new car number for the FSCC to update the MMR radio log
- Notify the TL who will notify the FSCC


List the 8 drill types and appliance can book out on.

- Inspecting
- Verifying keys
- Hydrant indicating
- Driver Familiarisation
- Fire Education
- Pre-fire plans
- Obtaining fuel
- Hazard abatement


When notifying AV of an event that does not require amb attendance, what code is used for the CAS event?



When notifying POL of an event that does not require police attendance, what code is used for the CAS event?



Give examples of 2 situations AV would be notified

- 2nd alarm WB in MFB, nil injuries or entrapment
- CFA are in attendance at a major event involving 3 or more brigades or 2 or more ESOs.


Give 2 examples of events where pol would be notified

- 2nd Alarm WB in MFB
- to secure a premise after crew have made forced entry


For what 3 reasons would appliances on CD be made available?

- At the discretion of the FSCC or duty officer to attend a multiple alarm event
- At the discretion of the FSCC or Duty officer during periods of high call numbers where appliances are required to maintain the standard of fire cover
- If while listening to their radio they are required for a major event


What code is used to CAS Police in an urgent situation (immediate threat to life and safety of fire crews)



2 examples of when AV would be notified to attend

- AV required to standby on scene where there are no reported patients but the OIC requests ambulance to standby.
- AV required to attend for confirmed or possible patients, including trapped.