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a still alarm received while out of quarters, shall be reported via radio. additionally, whenever possible, what other actions should be taken?

change apparatus status to CAV


under which of the following conditions should the BC be notified when company staffing levels fall below regular staffing?

members from single engine company goes off duty


which of the following answer is not an approved reason for apparatus responding to emergencies to overtake and pass another apparatus?

apparatus placement at the emergency
apparatus is disabled or delayed
moved at reduced speed due to terrain
altering response sequence to obtain optimum approach


if it is determined that a clear justification exists to request a first alarm assignment vchange, who is the approving authority?

bureau commander


still alarms received while in quarters, shall be reported to MFC in what manner?

business phone


aircraft fire/rescue procedures: the plan sheet shall be color coded with three different colors. what color indicates exits?



if a traveled roadway width is 20 feet, responsible officers shall submit a written report with parking restriction recommendations indicating?

no parking one side of street only


fire apparatus shall be operated as emergency vehicles only when all warning devices are operating continuously. which of the following statements is true regarding the use of warning devices

red lights shall be kept burning while responding to alarms
headlights shall be kept burning during all emergency responses regardless of day or night
warning lights shall be extinguished of freeways when operations can be safely continued


the dispatch of the closes ALS resource to an initial assignment to EMS incidents is considered?

ALS emergency


during emergency incidents, unusually low hydrant pressure shall be promptly reported to the ?



unusual incident criteria defines situations where the IC shall notify Metro in order to make proper notifications. a serious industrial injury is defined as all the following?

an injury or illness occurring in connection with employement
requires hospitalization for a period in excess of 24 hours
loss of any member of the body or any serious degree of permanent disfiguremnt
a firefighter burn injury


there are two placarding systems used to assist members in the ID of haz mat, the DOT placarding system and NFPA 704 ID system. the color blue in the NFPA 704 placard system indicates?

health hazards


the IC is responsible for the completion of tactical priorities. all of the following are tactical priorities listed in the Manual of operation?

rescue endangered occupants and treat the injured
stabilize the incident and provide for life safety
conserve property
provide for the safely, accountability, and welfare of personnel


IC shall use ICS terminology?

whenever a first alarm assignment is held to work at an incident


a battalion chief shall be dispatched as a safety officer when?

10 companies are dispatched


the LAFD IMT consists of members regularly assigned to headquarters and or special duty work schedule that are on call to provide staff support at major emerg. incidents and dept. command activations. there are ? IMT.



personnel and apparatus are assigned to base or staging while awaiting specific assignments. they shall be sent on specified assignments and released from duty at the emergency only under the authority of the ?



metro will start an incident clock when the first dispatched unit arrives on scene of a structure fire. at each ? interval, metro will advise the IC of the elapsed time on the incident clock

10 minutes


a greater alarm for a fire incident is defined as?

more companies than a first alarm assignment and less than a major alarm


upon returning to quarters from an emergency incident a piece of equipment from another company is discovered on your apparatus. you shall?

notify the BC of the company who the equipment belongs to


the manual of ops is a composite of permanent policies and procedures established by the ?

fire chief


any member recognizing material in the Manual of Ops which is believed to need revision, should report the same by forwarding a ? to the planning section or utilizing the send a comment icon on the info portal site

F 41


the timely dissemination of written comms to all levels of the dept. is a major component in increasing efficiency. the primary info conduit is?

info portal


all notices and bulletins will be deleted from view on the LAFD info, library, after ?. unless the specific notice or bulleting has been regenerated pending admin approval.

30 days


maximum retention of a special notice will be ? unless the notice is regenerated due to pending inclusion into the manual of operation.

30 days


dept. bulletins with no expiration date shall be retained?



released for duty is the date and time that a disabled member is officially available for duty. for platoon duty personnel the time a member is released for duty shall be?

2000 hours


the first alarm definition for a brush dispatch consists of up to and including ? companies working.



an EMS district captain will be dispatched to emergencies when ? or more rescue ambulances are assigned to a single incident, and when ? or more paramedic rescue ambulances are assigned to a single incident.



as an incident escalates beyond a ?, ICS terminology shall be used to identify a company or an officers function at the emergency.

first alarm


the IC is responsible for the completion of the tactical priorities. which of the following tactical priorities is ongoing throughout the incident?

provide for the safety, accountability and welfare of personnel


at an escalating incident, IC shall name the incident by geographic area using?

street name


all companies, units, and personnel, either dispatched or voluntarily reporting to the scene of an emergency, shall report directly to ? unless otherwise directed by metro or the IC.



during transfer of command, the person being relieved shall brief the officer assuming command all of the following?

incident conditions
safety considerations
deployment and assignment of operating companies and personnel
appraisal of need for additional resources


a station commanders responsibility in determining requests for leaves shall only be approved after due consideration for the maintenance of resources staffed with qualified personnel. qualified should be considered to include?



the total accumulated 100% sick leave carried over from any previous year or years to the next shall not exceed?

136 work days


if a member does not have sufficient time in which to vote outside of working hours, he/she may take off time as needed (not exceeding two hours, without loss of pay provided ? notice is provided to the members commanding officer

2 shift


which of the following days cannot be taken utilizing a floating vacation day?

labor day


platoon duty members are allowed ? to secure preventative medical tx for themselves and their immediate family.

12 hours per calendar year


requests for time off for illness or death in immediate family or preventative medical leave made while a member is off duty shall be made to?

battalion commander direct


if there is insufficient verification for a member who has been off on bereavement leave, the ? will determine off duty status.

fire chief

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