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paramedic ambulances shall be staffed by two licensed paramedics, one of which must have ? of dept. ALS experience.

1 year


paramedic resources shall be staffed with qualified personnel at all times. assessment engines shall be staffed with a paramedic that has at least ? of the dept. ALS experience.

2 years


except for extended leaves, no requests for time off which would permit a member to be absent from duty for a period exceeding ? days, including vacation will be granted.



AOD time is taken in amounts of ? or more for special duty personnel and ? or more for platoon duty personnel.

4 hours
6 hours


accumulated AOD time shall not be permitted to be used on?

major holidays


an extended leave is identified as all of the following?

civil service leave in excess of 15 days
disciplinary leave in excess of 15 days
military leave in excess of 30 days


the total accumulated 100 percent sick leave carried over from any previous year or years to the next shall not exceed?

136 work days


members incapacitated for duty due to an illness or injury incurred as a result of line of duty operations or exposures shall not receive full salary compensation for a period longer than?

1 year


up to a maximum of ? days sick leave in any calendar year shall be allowed for illness in the members immediate family.



if a member does not have sufficient time in which to vote outside of working hours, he/she may take off time as needed ( not exceeding two hours, without loss of pay provided ? notice is provided to the members commanding officer.

2 shift


in order to qualify for family leave, an employee must have been employed continuously by the city for a period of ? and have worked at least ? during the 12 months immediately preceding the beginning of the leave.

one year
1040 hours


a fire chief leave is a leave when members desire time off and do not have EOD, SOD, or AOD time accrued. it is a leave of absence without pay for a period not exceeding.

15 days


the maximum amount of time that may be given for a suspension or disciplinary leave is?

6 months


a family leave is an extended leave granted during any ? month period that cannot exceed ? months during the identified period.



the los angeles administrative code authorizes the fire chief to defer vacations from one year to the next. vacation deferment for members of the rank of Captain II and below shall be approved by?

battalion chief


which of the following days cannot be taken utilizing a floating vacation day?

labor day


platoon duty members are allowed ? to secure preventative medical tx for themselves and their immediate family.

12 hours per calendar year


requests for time off for illness or death in immediate family or preventative medical leave made while a member is off duty shall be made to?

battalion commander direct


if there is insufficent verification for a member who has been off on bereavement leave, the ? will determine off duty status.

fire chief


each member may be permitted up to ? hours off duty each calendar month utilizing their monthly allowance for exchange of time.

144 hours


A station commanders responsibility in determining requests for leaves shall only be approved after due consideration for the maintenance of resources staffed with qualified personnel. qualified should be considered to include?

compantency, merit, and assignments


any officer notified of a condition or limitation that may affect a member under their command to safely perform the full range of duties and responsibilities of their position shall contact.

the medical liaison unit


when a member on duty is bitten by an animal, the following info shall be included on the 5020?

address where injury occurred
info of animals owner, if obtainable whether animal was chained, confined, or running loose


a dept. member who is the victim of an assault shall be sent to a first care facility.

if the member has visible injuries
member requests first care
if directed by the investigating police agency


member participation in the american red cross blood bank program is voluntary and must be exercised during off duty time. platoon duty personnel shall arrange to donate blood at a time which will permit ? hours to elapse before returning to duty.



every injury shall be reported to your supervisor promptly and the supervisor shall take action to provide necessary tx and protect the employees rights. supervisors shall provide the employee with the state DWC form 1?

within 24 hours or one business day


all members on platoon duty shall contact their immediate supervisor ? to provide info regarding their duty status IOD or NIOD.

once each segment


all members on special duty shall contact their immediate supervisor ? to provide info regarding their duty status IOD or NIOD.



a station commander who receives a workers compensation case number for a member who has subsequently transferred to another station, shall enter the number?

in the journal F2 on the same page/date of reported injury
on the cal/OSHA form 300


members shall return from medical leaves at 2000 hours in all cases. deviation from 2000 hours shall be with the approval of?

medical liaison unit


officers shall request a medical evaluation when a member is returned to duty from any IOD or NIOD leave, if there is concern about the members ability to perform the unrestricted duties of the assignment. to request a medical evaluation, officers should contact?

a battalion chief


when medical care is required for IOD, the treating physician will determine on or off duty status. the member should obtain a completed medical tx cert from the hospital or attending physician. a medical tx cert may be?

form used by the treating physician


when a member goes off duty from an IOD injury, a 5020 shall be prepared and forwarded within ? of the time first informed of the member going off duty.

24 hours


when a member receives first care and continues duty from an IOD injury, a 5020 shall be prepared and forwarded within ? of the time first informed of the member receiving first care.

24 hours


a member who receives a subpoena out of normal channels to appear in court for a duty connected incident, is responsible for notifying?

commanding officer


when a member receives a summons and complaint which involves performance of duty as a city employee, the member shall within 10 days do all of the following?

forward a letterhead report to arson
attach all documents received from the process server
make no copies other than for personal use


a member at a fire stations should refuse to accept a subpoena on behalf of another member if, at the time of attempted sevice, it is less than ? prior to the hearing and it is not reasonably certain that the subpoena will be deliverable to the member.

5 working days


a member who receives a subpoena and elects to remain on call, shall be available to appear within ? after receiving notification to report to the concerned court. unless extended, on call status for morning appearance shall terminate at ? hours and afternoon on call status terminate at ? hours

1 hour


before an on duty member is interviewed by investigators from other agencies, the member shall secure approval from ?

their bureau commander
operations commander


a court of competent jurisdiction is defined by a court within the county in which the employee resides, or if outside the county of residence, within ? of employees residence.

150 miles


the first alarm definition for a brush dispatch consists of up to and including ? companies working.



Which of the following is a primary responsibility of a fire captain assigned as a station commander?

Maintenance of assigned apparatus and equipment
Assignment of personnel to companies within the station
Planning, scheduling, and directing fire station fire prevention, pre fire planning, public and community relations


A fire captain has the responsibility to provide subordinate with medical guidance and assistance. A Fire Captain may require a subordinate to secure the service of a physician for?

Any NIOD disablement


If it is detected that there has been a delay in reporting a fire at a hotel, who shall be notified?

Fire prevention officer on call


The issuance of sandbags in excess of 25 to any one citizen requires the authorization of?

County flood control district

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