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What does AMR stand for?

AMR stands for Audio Modem Riser.


What does CNR stand for?

CNR stands for Communication and Network Riser.


What does DIP stand for?

Dip stands for Duel Inline Package.


What does CMOS stand for?

CMOS stands for Complimentary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor.


What does PGA stand for?

PGA stands for Pin Grid Array.


What does SPGA stand for?

SPGA stands for Staggered Pin Grid Array.


What does LGA stand for?

LGA stands for Landing Grid Array.


What does ZIF stand for?

ZIF stands for Zero Insertion Force.


What does AHA stand for?

AHA stands for Accelerated Hub Architecture.


What are SLI and Crossfire?

SLI stands for Scale-able Link Interface. SLI and crossfire are technologies used to install multiple video cards.


What is an Expansion Bus?

An Expansion Bus runs asynchronous with the clock and connects to the South Bridge.


What is a Local I/O Bus?

A local I/O Bus runs synchronous with the clock and connects t the South Bridge.


What is the Local Video Bus?

The Local Video Bus runs synchronous to the clock and connects to the North Bridge. It is used for AGP or PCIE x 16.


What does AGP stand for?

AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port.


What are Headers?

Headers are groups of pins sticking up on the motherboard. (Refer to manual for correct use)


What does POST stand for?

POST stands for Power On Self Test.


What does RAID stand for?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Discs.


What is a Form Factor when referencing Motherboards?

A Motherboards Form Factor determines the size of the board and it's features which make it compatible with Power Supplies, Cases, Processors and Expansion Cards.


What are the five most common Form Factors?

- ATX,
- Micro ATX,
- Flex ATX,
- BTX and
- NLX.


What is an ITX Form Factor used for?

An ITX form Factor is very small and sometimes used for home theater systems.


What are Itanium and Xeon processors used for?

Itanium and Xeon processors are manufactured by Intel and are used for Servers.


What are important things to know when picking a processor?

- Ensure the socket matches the processor, and
- Ensure the Motherboard supports the processor.


What is a Chipset?

A Chipset is a set of chips on the motherboard that collectively controls the memory, buses on the motherboard, and some peripherals.


What are the four types of Bus intergrated on the motherboard?

- Electrical Power,
- Control Signals,
- Memory Addresses and
- Data.


If the processor requests something from an asynchronously timed device and it is not ready, what happens?

If the processor requests something from an asynchronously timed device and it is not ready, the device issues a wait state, which commands the processor to wait for for it to catch up.


What does PCI stand for?

PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect.


What are the four stages in the booting process?

- The startup BIOS runs the POST and assigns system resources.
- The startup BIOS searches for and loads an OS.
- The OS configures the system and completes it's own loading.
- Application software is loaded and executed.