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what is the heart of Taylor's theory?

- motivation is achieved through solely through monetary incentives


key elements of Taylorism

1. study work process to determine the most efficient production methods (work study)
2. observe and time the best workers in these methods (normal times)
3. train the remaining workers to the same standard (equipment and training)
4. implement differential pay rates and close supervision to increase productivity (piece-rate pay)


evaluation of Taylorism

places jobs of less efficient workers under threat. therefore wasn't popular with shop floor workers


what did the human relations school primarily concentrate on?

the sociological aspects of work


describe the Hawthorne effect

was to examine the effects of changes in lighting on productivity of workers. results showed productivity increased in group who were giving improved lighting, and group whose lighting was unchanged - employees were responding to level of attention they were being and bc they were working together as a group -"the Hawthorne effect"


what was concluded form the results of the hawthorn effect

- mayo stressed the importance of 'social man'
- he concluded motivation was dependant upon the type of job being carried out and the type of supervision given to the employee
- group relationships, group morale and the sense worth experienced by individuals.


implications of the Hawthorne effect

- social environamwtd at work and informal working groups were recognised as having positive influences upon productivity
- managers often ensured employees' social needs were met at work whenever possible
- employees were provided with a range of sporting and social facilities to foster the development of informal groups among employees
- work outings and trips become a familiar part of an employees year
- managers gave more attention to teams and team teamworking