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What are motorways?

Roads built for fast traffic with grade separated accesses, without level crossings, no entries or exits to surrounding residential areas

Must have 2 lanes in each direction and a vertical sign in order to be a motorway


What users are not allowed to circulate on the motorway?

Animals and animal drawn vehicles
Motorcycles and tricycles not exceeding 50cm3
Agricultural vehicles
Tourist trains
Vehicles unable to circulate up to 60km/h


What is the min and max speed on a motorway?

Max 120 km/h
Min 50 km/h


When do heavy good vehicles and vehicles with trailers (more than 7m) circulate on the 2 lanes right in the motorway?

When the motorway has 2 or more lanes in the same direction (i.e. Always)


What maneuvers are forbidden on the motorway?

Circulating without regulatory lights

Stopping and parking on the lane or road verge

Making a U turn


Transposing the traffic separators


What is the min and max speed on roads reserved to cars and motorcycles

Max 100 km/h


What are the special traffic rules for the April 25 bridge?

Heavy vehicles, motorcycles and light vehicles with a trailer can only use the two traffic lanes on the right
Vehicles with dangerous goods are only allowed on the bridge 2am to 5am on workdays, sundays and holidays


Can the driver cross a leek crossing even if the signaling allows it?

No. Not without ensuring that the traffic intensity doesn't force the driver to immobilize the vehicle ON the level crossing


When should a driver not enter a level crossing?

When the protection devices are moving

The rail agent prohibits it


What should the driver do in case the vehicle is immobilized on the level crossing?

Remove it immediately
If that's not possible then take whatever necessary measures to ensure that the train drivers see the presence of an obstacle


Vehicles can only use reserved lanes and tracks not mean for them when:

Changing direction
Accessing a garage
Accessing a car park
Accessing a private road


When can pedestrians use roads?

Crossing the road
When the road has no traffic
If there's no special place for pedestrians or those places are blocked
When transporting objects that can endanger others
When walking in a organized group


What is the equivalent to pedestrians?

Walking with a bike
Childcare and wheelchairs
Wheelchairs with an engine
Children driving bikes
Roller skates
A motorized cultivator without trailer or equipment


On special tracks for bikes who is forbidden to use the track?

Bikes with more than 2 wheels
Bikes with a trailer
People with roller skates


When walking in organize groups at night time, what should be done?

The group should have one white light at the front and one red light at the back as we as one reflector jacket at the front and back


What is the definition of poor visibility?

When the driver cannot see the lane across the entire width and for a distance of 50m