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-High fever from common cold or from Yin Deficiency, febrile disease, heat syndromes, excess syndromes
-Pregnancy (abdominal & lumbosacral regions)
-No Direct Method over large blood vessels
-No Direct Method over prominent tendons or major creases on skin
-No Direct Method on head, face or region over the breast
-Close to vital organs or arteries (ST 9, UB 1), around sensory organs or mucous membranes



-High fever, convulsions or cramps
-Pregnancy (abdominal & lumbosacral regions)
-Over large blood vessels
-Areas where muscle is thin or skin is not level d/t bony angles & depressions. Avoid moving cups over bony prominences.
-Skin ulcers or allergic skin conditions
-Person susceptible to spontaneous bleeding or endless bleeding after trauma


Management after Treatment-Moxa
A very slight red mark on the skin

The mark should disappear by itself.


Management after Treatment-Moxa
Small blisters

Do not let small blisters break. They should heal on their own.


Management after Treatment-Moxa
Large blisters

Large blisters should be punctured & drained. Dress blister (if there is pus) to prevent any additional infection.


Management after Treatment-Moxa
1st or 2nd Degree Burns

Apply sterile gauze over a burn ointment. If the burn is severe/signs of infection, refer PT to a physician.


Management after Treatment-Cupping
Blood stasis, bruising or purplish mark

This is normal & it will disappear in several days. If very pronounced, cups should not be applied at this site a second time.


Management after Treatment-Cupping
Small blisters

Small blisters absorb naturally in several days.


Management after Treatment-Cupping
Large or severe blisters

Draw out the liquid with a sterile syringe (if state laws allow), apply gentian violet and cover the area w/ gauze to prevent infection.


How long should cups be left in place?

5 to 15 minutes or until local congestion. Any longer & blister may form.


Fire throwing

Throw a piece pf ignited paper or alcohol cotton ball into a cup. Then quickly place the mouth of the cup on the point on the PT. Use this method on the lateral side of the body to prevent burning paper or cotton from falling & causing injury.



Clamp a cotton ball soaked in alcohol w/ tweezers or forceps. Light it and put it into the cup. Directly take it out & place the cup on the selected point on the PT.


Cupping combined w/ blood letting is good for?

Acute sprains, blood stasis, injury to soft tissues, neurodermatitis, pruritis, neurasthenia, GI nervous dysfunction.


Single Cups

Used for local area of numbness or deficiency. Cups can be placed, lifted and replaced in rapid succession, making several small suctions until skin underneath is red.


Moving Cups

Used for large, flat surfaces like the back or thigh.


Cupping w/ regular acupuncture

Insert the needle first and retain. Then place the cup over the needle on surrounding skin.
Often used for rheumatism & is considered more effective than cupping alone for this disease.



-Lung disease (cough, asthma, common cold)
-Diminishes swelling and pain, red swollen & painful eyes, painful menses
-Dispels cold damp, HA, low back & shoulder pain
-Bi syndrome d/t Wind-Damp, arthritis
-Hypertension, GI D.O. (stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, ab pain)
-Poisonous snake bites, non-ulcerated furuncles


Functions of Moxa

-Warms meridians & expels cold/damp
-Induce smooth flow of Qi & blood.
-Strengthens yang from collapse.
-Prevents diseases (moxa ST 36)
-Stops bleeding
-Leads to long, healthy life (REN 4, REN 6, REN 12, DU 4)


Indirect Moxa w/ Ginger is used for?

-Abdominal pain
-Yang Deficiency
-Weakness of SP/ST
-Painful joints


Indirect Moxa w/ Salt is used for?

-Abdominal pain
-Yang collapse
-Diarrhea, prolonged dysentery
-Acute abdominal pain, pain around umbilicus, hernia
-Abandoned stroke


Indirect Moxa w/ Monkshood (Fu Zi) Aconite is used for?

-Yin-Cold syndrome, yang deficiency
-Decline of Mingmen Fire
-Premature ejaculation, impotence
-Skin ulcerations that resist healing or yin abscesses
-Carbuncles where pus will not disperse


Indirect Moxa w/ Garlic is used for?

-Abdominal masses
-Scrofula, skin ulcers w/ boils, non-ulcerated carbuncles, -Poisonous insect bites


Indirect Moxa w/ Pepper (white pepper w/ flour) is used for?

-Arthritic pain
-Local numbness and stiffness


Direct Moxa
Scarring Moxa (pustulating) is used for?

-Chronic diseases such as asthma, chronic G.I. problems
-General weakness of the body
-Development disorders


Direct Moxa
Non-Scarring Moxa (non-pustulating) is used for?

-Chronic diseases that are deficient and cold
-Chronic diarrhea


Direct Moxa
Grain of wheat moxa (Shanghai)

-Deficient blood



-Rheumatic pain
-Vomiting or abdominal pain
-Certain gynecological D.O.


Applying Moxa

-Apply to Yang portion before Yin portion, upper part of body before lower part of the body
-Treat back, then abdominal region or head & body first then extremities
-In general, 3 to 7 cones should be used for each point for 10-15 minutes for the application of a moxa stick
-Avoid too much stimulation for unconscious PT or over areas on the body that are numb


Moxa Sticks
Mild warm moxibustion

The stick is held over a point for 5 to 10 minutes until the area is red. This is used for pain w/ blockage or obstructions in the channels.


Moxa Sticks
Sparrow-pecking moxibustion

The stick is moved quickly pecking over the point.
This facilitates heat penetration.


Moxa Sticks
Moxibustion w/ warming needle

Moxa is wrapped on needle point after Qi has arrived.

This method warms the meridians & promotes the free flow of Qi.

It also treats painful joints caused by cold-damp, numbness w/ cold sensations & paralysis.


Moxa Sticks
Circular method of moxibustion

The stick is moved in a circular motion over the point. This is used for pain from blockage over large areas, soft tissue injuries or skin disorders.

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