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Distinguishing musical features: "I Can't Quit You Baby”

1. 12-bar blues form
2. "Dialogue" between vocal and guitar


Distinguishing musical features: "Since I've Been Loving You”

1. No repeated lines in verse
2. Classic blues-based guitar solo


Distinguishing musical features: "Dazed and Confused”

1. Riffs
2. Use of violin bow


Distinguishing musical features: "Whole Lotta Love”

1. Psychedelic middle section


Distinguishing musical features: "Ramble On"

1. Folk verse and rock chorus


Distinguishing musical features: "Black Dog"

1. Rhythmic play
2. Complex riff


Distinguishing musical features: "Stairway to Heaven"

1. Multi-part form
2. Ambiguous lyrics


At its minimum, a rhythm section has what three constituent parts?

1. One chord Instrument
2. One bass Instrument
3. One percussion Instrument


12-bar blues (standard) form: what is the standard meter (quality and number of beats per bar), and how many different lines of text exist in a single verse?

Standard Meter: Compound; 4 beats (per bar), with backbeat on 2 and 4.
Number of Lines: 3 lines


What are the four musical features of psychedelia?

1. Wordless singing and/or chanting of nonsense syllables
2. Highly distorted and surreal sounds
3. Sound effects
4. Reverberation


Provide definitions for rhythmic play and progressive rock

Rhythmic play: Any conscious or unconscious manipulation of general rhythmic expectations and/or musical form.

Progressive rock: The marriage of rock with musical styles and attributes from classical music.


Name the four members of Led Zeppelin, plus their instruments

1. Jimmy Page: Guitar
2. Robert Plant: Lead vocals
3. John Paul Jones: Keyboards, Bass guitar
4. John Bonham: Drums


According to Page, name two elements that contribute to capturing a dynamic performance [on tape] (capture the natural sound of the instruments)

1. Mic drums like a proper acoustic instrument in a good acoustic environment.
2. Should not really have to use a EQ in the studio, as the effect should be done with microphones and microphone placement. The instruments should bleed into each other (which creates the ambience).


How long during the performance of “Dazed and Confused” does Jimmy Page use a violin bow? (minutes and/or seconds)

Start: 3:40
End: 7:36

Almost 4 minutes


Distinguishing musical features: "The Crunge"

1. Funk inspired
2. Additive meter


Distinguishing musical features: "Kashmir"

1. Middle-eastern inspire guitar tuning and melody
2. Different simultaneous meters


Distinguishing musical features: "All My Love"

1. Verse-chorus form
2. Middle section with synthesizer and classical guitar


What are the musical characteristics of funk music (what are the various instruments doing rhythmically/musically)?

Musically characterized by a drum playing a straightforward simple, 4 beat meter which lays the foundation for a syncopated (off beat) guitar and bass lines which are often short riffs repeated over and over