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"I've Seen All Good People"

1. Rich vocal harmonies
2. Contrast of acoustic and electronic sections



1. Virtuosic electric bass line
2. Long instrumental passage


"Close to the Edge" - Part 1

1. "The Solid Time of Change"
2. Multi-sectioned piece


"Close to the Edge" - Part 3

1. "I Get Up, I Get Down"
2. Mixture of loud and soft sections


"The Gates of Delirium"

1. Virtuosic instrumental middle section
2. Program music



1. Active bass line
2. Switching bar sections


"Leave It"

1. Acapella singing
2. Bass and violin prominent


What are the first five characteristics of progressive rock outlined in class?

1. Juxtaposition of acoustic and electronic sections
2. Mixture of loud and soft sections within a single composition
3. Persistent use of classically derived tone colours
4. Rich vocal arrangements
5. Lengthy pieces with sections and/or movements generally fully composed


Provide the titles of the four movements of “Close to the Edge”; include the given title (in blue) and the interpretive title (title in quotation marks).

Part 1: The Solid Time of Change - "The Call"
Part 2: Total Mass Retain - "Adversity and Temporary Triumph"
Part 3: I Get Up, I Get Down - "Self-Examination and Acceptance"
Part 4: Seasons of Man - "Attainment"


What are the 3 central themes of progressive rock lyrics?

1. The idea of a spiritual quest (i.e. seen in "close to the edge")
2. Resistance and protest (often toward dehumanizing aspects of modern-day culture)
3. Utopian visions


What 3 albums did Yes perform in their entirety on their 2014 tour?

1. The Yes Album
2. Close to the Edge
3. Going for the One


Name 5 bands associated with the “second wing” of English psychedelic music, and 4 bands associated with the “third wing.” ***

"Second Wing":
1. Traffic
2. Colosseum
3. IF
4. Soft Machine
5. Caravan

"Third Wing":
1. Moody Blues
2. Procol Harum
3. Pink Floyd
4. The Nice


Name 3 concept albums and their bands from the late 1960s that had the theme of the spiritual quest. ***

1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
2. In Search of the Last Chord - Moody Blues
3. A Salty Dog - Procol Harum


What new stage element is introduced at the beginning of the third movement to “Close to the Edge” (timing = roughly the same point as the studio recording)

Theatrical smoke and fog (may be created using smoke machines or dry ice)