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Isoniazid (INH)
First-line antituberculosis drug

Therapeutic class – antituberculosis agent, antimycobacterial

Pharmacologic class – mycolic acid inhibitor

Pregnancy category C

Adverse effects –

Patient family teaching –
Finish all doses
Discontinue the drug and immediately report any allergic reaction
Discontinued the drug and report dark urine, jaundice, or clay colored stools
Avoid tyramine-containing foods, such as aged cheeses and smoked fish
Avoid histamine containing foods, such as tuna sauerkraut in juice, and yeast extracts
Avoid alcohol
Do not breast-feed
Keep all appointments for follow-up care


Dapsone (DDS)

Drug for leprosy

Therapeutic class – anti-leprosy agent, antimycobacterial

Pharmacologic class – none

Pregnancy class C

Contraindications –
Hypersensitivity to dapsone or related drugs

Adverse effects –
Dose related hemolysis and methemoglobinemia with cyanosis
Colicky abdominal pain
Bone and joint pain

Patient family teaching –
Maintain strict adherence to be established drug regimen
Do not drive or perform other hazardous activities until the effects of the drug are known
Minimize the use of soap and rinse thoroughly
Keep all follow up appointments
Immediately report:
Changes in vision or hearing
Dark urine
Unusual fatigue
Unusual bruising or bleeding
Bluish fingernails
Yellowing of the eyes or skin