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what is the debate?

- if our formation of identity is predominantly a product of our nature (based on hereditary) or how we are nurtured(enviro)
- they are inseparable when analysing socialisation processes. Human development determined by continuous interaction between hereditary and enviro.


What is nature?

our biological aspects of us that are part of our bodily being, our genetics, DNA.
qualities inherited from parents, e.g skin/hair colour, eye shape, mental illnesses, cancer all part you as individual


What is nurture?

aspects of ourselves acquired during life. Way parents raised us and influence of our life experiences that shape our identity (peers, media, school, location)
e.g. live near beach, surfing become part of your lifestyle


What is the individual's personality a product of?

- surrounding social and cultural forces and biological inheritance


Affect of nature?

- number of personal characteristics determined by genetic structure of fertilised ovum (genes decide hair, skin, body size, to some extent out intellectual abilities and emotional temperament)



these BIOLOGICAL DISPOSITIONS present at birth interact with experiences encountered in course of growing up, determining individual's development. depends on specific culture, social group and family in which we are raised.


Affect culture in raising child?

-culture differ in ways of raising child and exposed to different conditions.
-some shared with other children in culture, common to child's social group or unique to own family.