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What information may be available if the IR Rotary Selectors are set to ATT?

- IR mode supplying only attitude and heading information, if the system loses its ability to navigate.
- The heading must be entered through the CDU keyboard and has to be reset frequently (10min).


What are the 4 occasions when the ALIGN light will flash?

- ALIGN fault
- No present position entry after 10min
- Difference between position at shutdown and entered position exceeds 1 degree of latitude or longitude
- If the aircraft moves during alignment (windy day).

Note: Answer worded slightly differently in the FCOM


When does the ON BAT light illuminate?

Comes on amber when one or more IRs is supplied only by the A/C battery. It also comes on for a few seconds at the beginning of the alignment, but not for a fast realignment.


What should NOT be tested during APU start?

Compass, because of the location of the APU power on contractor in the cockpit the APU start sequence may disturb the compass reading.


When the ILS is tuned on an RMP, what information is NOT available?

DME Distance


If both FMGS fail, how are navaids tuned?

- RMP in the NAV backup mode, the crew can select radio communication systems as normal
- Setting on RMP to NAV backup mode removes navaids tuning from both FMGCs.


Which NAVAIDS can be tuned from RMP1, RMP2 and RMP3?

Either RMP: both ILS
RMP3: not used for navaids tuning


What happens to GPWS warnings if the loudspeakers are turned off?

The audio volume of GPWS aural warning or cautions is not controlled by the loudspeaker volume knobs.


When will TERR ON ND automatically switch on?

If an alert is generated (caution or warning) and TERR p/b switch ON ND is not selected, the terrain and the obstacles are automatically displayed, and the ON light of the TERRN p/b switch on ND comes on.


If TERR ON ND is indicating ON, what happens to the wether radar?

Weather radar image not displayed.


What produces the information on the ND when using EGPWS?

Terrain Awareness & Display Function (Database)


How is the information displayed in order to prevent confusion with weather radar?

Selectable with Terr on ND pb.

- The weather radar TILT is replaced by a blue TERR and the terrain display sweeps form the centre outward to both ND sides.
- To differentiate between the terrain and the weather display, the weather sweeps from side to side.


When should LDG FLAP 3 be selected ON?

Flap mode is inhibited when flaps config 3 is selected, in this case, LDG MEMO displays “flaps 3” instead of “config full”


When should FLAP MODE be selected OFF?

Flap mode (too low flaps mode 4) is inhibited, to avoid nuisance warning in case of landing with flaps setting reduced).


If the TERR function or EGPWS fails, or is selected OFF, what happens to GPWS?

Inhibits the Terrain Awareness Display and Terrain Clearance Floor modes.
Basic GPWS modes 1-5 not affected.
If OFF is selected the ECAM caution NAV GPWS TERR DET FAULT is displayed.


Apart from the EWD, where are TCAS failures displayed?

Flag on PFD and ND.


Which colours are displayed on the Vertical Speed Scale?

Red, green and normal (grey)


What causes the pressure setting to pulse on the PFD?

Generally, the pressure setting will pulse when STD
or QNH has been incorrectly selected.
- STD not selected above transition altitude in climb
- STD still selected in approach below transition level
- 2500’ radio height if transition level is not available.


When is RA data displayed?

- Lower than 2500’

If a DH has been entered, the radio height appears:
Green, when DH+100’ < RA < DH +100’
Amber, when RA < DH+100'

If no DHs has been entered, or if both FMGC fail, the radio height appears:
Green: 400’ < RA < 2500’
Amber: when RA is less or equal to 400’


What is displayed at the bottom corners of the ND?

Navaid information based on the toggle switch position on the EFIS control panel.
- Nav Aids (ADF or VOR)
- Shape and colour of the associated bearing pointer.
- Identification or frequencies
- DME distance
- Mode of tuning


On the EFIS, where are ILS 1 and ILS 2 displayed?

ILS 1 information: PFD 1, ND 2
ILS 2 information: PFD 2, ND 1


In the PLAN mode (ECP) what CANNOT be displayed on the ND?

- Weather
- Terrain
- Nav Aids
- Traffic (Unconfirmed in FCOM)


If "CHECK ATT" appears on the PFD, what should you do?

- Both PFDs display “check ATT” if there is a discrepancy of at least 5 degrees between the attitude valves, pitch and/or roll.
- Crosscheck the three systems; switch the faulty side to number 3, on the switching panel.


How long does an IRS alignment take?

Completed alignment: 10 mins
Fast alignment: 30 sec


How is a rapid alignment done and when?

- Turn off the 3 ADIRS then turn them back on within 5 seconds


What should you do if there is a NAV ACCUR DOWNGRADE message?

Compare raw data from tuned Navaids with FM computed data on ND or PROG.


How can LAT/LONG be adjusted on the MCDU?

- Slewing or overwriting, and then press the align IRS prompt. (INIT page)


What are the functions of the four rotary selectors at the top of the centre pedestal?

- ATT/HDG: Option to use data from IRS 3
- Air Data: Option to use data from ADR 3
- EIS/DMC: Option to use data from DMC 3 (if screens go blank)
- ECAM/ND XFR: Failed EW/D or SD