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What are the types of neurones?

1. Multipolar: Has more than 2 processes form body (e.g. motor neurone).

2. Pseudounipolar: Single process leaves cell body to divide into 2 branches (e.g. sensory neurone)

3. Bipolar: 2 processes leaving the cell body (e.g. interneurone)


What substance is contained within the cell bodies of multipolar neurones?

Nissl substance


What are satellite cells?

Glial cell providing sypport to cell bodies in gangia.


What are the differences between sensory and sympathetic ganglia?

- Sensory cell bodies are much bigger than sympathetic cell bodies.

- Satellite cells are much more regularly distributed in sensory ganglia around cell bodies compared to sympathetic ganglia.


What are the layers of a nerve trunk?

- Endoneurium: Support tissue containing blood vessels surrounding individual axons.

- Perineurium: Dense layer of connective tissue surrounding each nerve trunk.

- Epineurium: Loose layer of connective tissue surrounding numerous nerve trunks in a nerve.


What is the length of axon covered by 1 Schwann cell?

~1 mm


What is the typical length of a node of Renvier?

0.5 µm


What is connective tissue?

Tissues of mesodermal origin which provides structural and metabolic support for other tissues and organs of the body.


What types of cells are found in connective tissue?

- Fibroblasts; Secretes ECM in most cells.

- Adipocytes: Stores fat.

- Chondroblasts: Secretes ECM in cartilage.

- Osteoblasts: Secretes ECM in bone.

- Myofibroblasts: Secretes ECM and contracts.


What are the components of ECM?

1. Collagen fibres

2. Elastic fibres

3. Ground substance


What are the main proteins found in ECM?

1. Collagen

2. Elastin

3. Fibronectin (glycoprotein)


What are the types of connective tissue?

1. Loose connective tissue (e.g. gut epithelium)

2. Dense connective tissue (e.g. nerve trunk sheaths, renal capsule)

3. Elastic connective tissue: (e.g. alveoli, skin, arteries, bladder)

4. Cartilage and bone

5. Fat

6. Blood


What are th types of fat cells?

1. White fat

2. Brown fat


How many types of collagen are there?



What are the most common types of collagen?

Type 1 collagen


What are the contents of ground substance?

1. Glycosaminoglycans

2. Proteoglycans

3. Glycoproteins


What is hyaline cartilage made up of?

1. Chondrocytes (in lacunae)

2. Collagen

3. Proteoglycans


What is bone made up of?

1. Osteocytes (in lacunae

2. Hydroxyapatite

3. Collagen

4. Proteoglycans