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what are the reasons for having network security?

resources can only be accessed by authorised users.
users can only access data relevant to them.
prevents misuse.
prevents damage to hardware.


what is the importance of network security?

business success - a business may fail to operate if data is compromised.
privacy - to protect sensitive data e.g. medical records


what is meant by the term authentication?

the process of verifying a user, attempting to access a network.


how is authentication carried out?

by giving all users a login name and password.


what are the guidelines for passwords to ensure network security?

at least 8 characters, including one special character.
changed regularly
must never be written down or shared
must never be reused old passwords


what is meant by the term access control?

it determines a user's rights to the data stored on a network.


how is access control used in network security?

users are prevented from accessing certain files
users can be given "read -only" access (no editing).
users can be given full "read and write" access
users can be allowed to delete files.


give examples of physical security measures

fit doors with security recognition measures e.g. keypad swipe cards to identify user's for entry
install burglar alarms
use chains and locks to attach equipment to work benches.


what is mean by the term firewall?

a piece of hardware or software that protects a network connected to a WAN, from unauthorised users.


how do firewalls maintain network security?

They can be configured to prevent communications from entering the network, and also to prevent programs and users from accessing the internet from within the network.