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what's the macula of the fovea centralis

area with dense cone concentration where we have the best vision


how are receptors in the peripheral retina specialized?

w/ rods for black and white,
detecting movement
figuring out where something is


what make up the optic nerve?

axons of ganglion cells


what make up the layers of the retina?

rods and cones
bipolar cells
ganglion cells


what causes the blind spot of the eye?

optic disc


images of our temporal visual field are relayed in what retinal field?

temporal visual corresponds with nasal retinal
likewise, nasal visual field corresponds with temporal retinal field


lesion of the optic nerve results in...

ipsilateral blindness of the eye on the side of the lesion


axons of the ______ retinal field cross in the ______

nasal retinal field
optic chiasm


what happens if the pituitary gland expands and the center of the optic chiasm becomes impaired?

bi-temporal loss of vision due to impairment of both nasal retinal fields


how would vision be affected if the internal carotid a. has an aneurysm and impairs the lateral part of the optic chiasm?

you would lose temporal retinal field (nasal visual field for the eye on the side of the lesion


what happens if there's a lateral tract, primary visual cortex or lateral geniculate body lesion?

you would lose sight for the field opposide the side of the lesion
ie. if you have a lesion of the L optic tract, you'd lose the L temporal retinal field and R nasal retinal field causing you to lose your right field of vision.


although the optic cortex forms layers ________ process info in a _______ route ______ to the surface

ocular dominance columns/barrels