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Saleem Sinai, who has a large nose that gives him telepathy is switched at birth with his rival, Shiva, who has large knees that he fights with
A doctor can only see his future wife through holes in a sheet
Saleem ends up working in a pickle factory
Shiva’s father is Wee Willie Winkie
Joseph D’Acosta’s ghost convinces Marie to confess to switching the babies
Saleem marries Parvati the Witch but she has an affair with Shiva that produces the child Aadam whose first word is Abracadabra
Saleem’s sister is named Brass Monkey

Midnight's CHildren


Set in a room with Second Empire style furniture
Includes the line Hell Is Other People spoken by Garcin
There is a bell that sometimes works and sometimes does not
They are not allowed to bring toothbrushes
The valet does not have eyelids
It is set in hell, all the characters are dead people
Estelle drowned her baby in a lake after having an affair, she stabs Inez in hell
Inez is a lesbian postal clerk

No Exit


Originally published in the socialist newspaper Appeal to Reason
About Jurgis Rudkus, a Lithuanian immigrant in who works in a Chicago meatpacking plant
The baby, Antanas, drowns in a puddle
Jurgis is put in jail after attacking his foreman, Phil Connor, who had raped his wife Ona
A person gets eaten by rats
Jurgis works in Mike Scully’s gang after meeting Jack Duane
He talks at Hind’s Hotel
It ends with the declaration CHICAGO WILL BE OURS

The Jungle Sinclair


It includes the minor character Boris the Manskinner
Toru (different one from NW) cooks spaghetti and searches for his lost cat through a dreamlike Tokyo
He meets the mute Cinnamon and his mother, Nutmeg, who is attracted to the blue mark on his face
The cat is named after his brother, Noboru
Lieutenant Mamiya describes how his companions were flayed by mongolians during the Russo-Japanese War
Many characters whistle The Thieving Magpie which names part 1

Wind up Bird chronicle


Berlioz in MASSOLIT is decapitated by a streetcar
Variety Theater
Margarita uses magical cream- turns into a witch, flies, neighbor into a pig
Woland says Manuscripts Don’t Burn
Yeshua Ha-Notsri and Pontius Pilate book
Woland holds a walpurgisnacht dance at Apartment No. 50
Woland, the devil in disguise, wants to be called Hegemon, has headaches and has a retinue
Behemoth is giant black walkin’ talkin’ flyin’ cat in the retinue
Mark the Rat Killer, the spy Afranius, Hella the vampire

Master and Margarita


Mathilde borrows it from Mdm. Forestier
Loses it and takes a decade to pay it off
Necklace was a fake and only worth 500 francs
Husband, Monsieur Loisel, buys her a dress for the Minister of Education's ball for 400 francs instead of hunting guns
“One of those pretty and charming girls, born by a blunder of destiny in a family of employees”
“Beef stew”
“Fine dinners, of shining silverware”

The Necklace


Elisabeth Rousset is forced to sleep with Prussian officer but is shunned later
Travel from Rouen to Le Havre
Cornudet whistles La Marseillaise

Ball of Fat


Mademoiselle Fifi
Piece of String-Maitre
The Horla- invisible Brazilian vampire
Madame Teller’s Establishment
Bel Ami



The title venetian is served by Mosca and pretends to be dying
Corbaccio, Corvino, and Voltore all want to inherit his money
He disguises himself as Scoto the Monteback
He tries to rape Celia but she is rescued by Bonario
A subplot concerns Sir Politic Would-Be who is tricked into hiding in a tortoise shell
Androgyne is a hermaphrodite who claims to have the soul of Pythagoras
There is a conversation about spying chinese baboons that are mamluks
Other characters are the dwarf, Nano, and the eunuch, Castrato



Subtle, Face (who is actually Lovewit’s butler, Jeremy) and Doll Common con people from the Lovewit House while he is gone to try to escape the plague
They rob Dapper after blindfolding him and pinching him pretending to be elves while he tries to gain favor with the Queen of Fairy
Epicure Mammon wants the philosopher’s stone
So do a group of anabaptists including Ananias and Tribulation Wholesome
Mammon’s friend, Surely, doesn't believe in stone and disguises himself as a spaniard to woo Dame Pliant who’s brother is Kastril

The Alchemist